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After its destruction, the Siegfried is rebuilt by Rakshata Chawla into a new Knight Giga Fortress for Jeremiah Gottwald known as the Sutherland Sieg. Its size and basic shape are similar to the original Siegfried, but the weapons placement, as well as its armament in general, is much different.

Design and Specifications[]

As the name implies, the Sutherland Sieg is built around the Sutherland J core unit, the head of which sticks out of the top. Unlike a standard Sutherland, it has Landspinners shaped like roller blades for feet and a Float System installed on each side of the foot. At first glance, it's only visible armaments are its large cone-shaped Slash Harkens and the belly-mounted Hyper-Velocity Cannon. However, it is also equipped with an array of missile launchers. The Britannian energy shielding was replaced with Radiant Wave Shielding, similar to what was applied on the Zangetsu and Ikaruga. The five conical Slash Harkens are also positioned differently. Two are mounted on the front as makeshift hands, and can channel the energy from the generators on the hull to deliver an electric shock. The other three are located on the aft side: two are lined up parallel with the engine, and the remaining one is placed perpendicular to the cannon. In addition, like all Knightmares used by the Black Knights, the Sutherland Sieg comes with a countermeasure against Gefjun Disturbers. As seen during the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement, Jeremiah was able to move despite the fact that the Gefjun Disturbers had taken effect in the settlement.

The neural interface from the Siegfried had been transferred onto the Sutherland core unit, which Rakshata finds disappointing since the technology isn't feasible for mass-production. The Sutherland Sieg's main body was destroyed by Anya Alstreim's Mordred; the Sutherland within, however, had survived and was ejected. Jeremiah grappled it onto the Mordred, then self-detonated it, blowing open the Mordred's cockpit, allowing him to leap onto the exposed cockpit and apprehend Anya.

Operational History[]

The Sutherland Sieg makes its first appearance during the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement. When Lelouch was engaged in combat with Suzaku, he ordered Jeremiah to come to his aid. Then, the Knights of the Round appeared to aid Suzaku, and Jeremiah fought against them as well.

It is seen again during the Battle of Mt. Fuji. Jeremiah attempted to attack the Damocles with his machine, only to discover its enormous Blaze Luminous. Later, Jeremiah becomes engaged in combat with the Knight of Six, Anya Alstreim. They both decide to end the fight with the Mordred's Stark Hadron Cannon and the Sutherland Sieg's Hyper-Velocity Cannon. However, the Stark Hadron Cannon was more powerful, breaking through the Sutherland Sieg's attack and severely damaging it. At first, it appeared that the Sutherland Sieg was destroyed. However, Jeremiah managed to eject the Sutherland Core Unit. He grappled onto the Mordred, breaking through its Blaze Luminous before self-destructing the Core Unit to severely damage the Mordred.


Knightmare Giga Fortress - Sutherland Sieg - A

General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 5x Large Lance-type Slash Harkens (スラッシュハーケン, Surasshu Hāken) (equipped with Wired Rocket Anchors)
  • 2x Chest-mounted Slash Harkens
  • 1x Belly-mounted Hyper-velocity Cannon
  • 6x 3-tube Missile tubes (Back-mounted near the center of the body)


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