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The Sutherland Loyal is a modified Sutherland J for the personal use of Jeremiah Gottwald in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection.

Design and Development[]

Officially, it is a privately owned Sutherland kept by Jeremiah on his farm. Following his leaving of the military, Jeremiah acquired the remains of the Sutherland J, the core of the Sutherland Sieg he had previously piloted, through illegal means. He then requested Lloyd Asplund give it heavy modifications and repairs.

It is primarily colored blue and indigo, refencing the color scheme for much of Jeremiah's wardrobe throughout the series. The left and right sides of its head module has different shapes, with its right side having vestiges of what it once was. Upon its chest, it bears an orange symbol, symbolizing Jeremiah's embracing of the nickname "Orange" as a sign of his loyalty and pride.

Its main pieces of equipment are the two shields affixed to its forearms, which lets it boast high defensive power with Blaze Luminous generation. Within those shields are 8 individual Hadron Blasters, 4 each being equipped on each arm. Combined with the shields, they form a new weapon system called the "Shield Hadron Cannon" that when connected together releases a widespread Hadron blast. Unlike previous Hadron-based weapons, the beams fired by the Loyal are colored orange as opposed to red, and thus has earned this blast the moniker of "Orange Cannon".


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