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The Sutherland II is a new Knightmare Frame created by the Black Knights during the Kowa Era. It was utilized by the lower members of Cornelia's personal squad within the Black Knights during Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection.

Design and Development[]

The Sutherland II, as its name implies, is an upgraded version of the original Sutherland, created as a 7th-Generation Knightmare in the image of the classic 5th-Generation machine. Similar to the Vincent Ward, it was created as a mass-produced, 7th-Generation version of a previously existing Knightmare. But whereas the Vincent Ward was weaker compared to the already highly-advanced 7th-Generation Lancelot, the Sutherland II is a significant improvement over its predecessor. It bears more robust and reinforced armor compared to the original. Like the Burai used during the early days of the Black Knights, the Sutherland II bears hand protectors.

Within Cornelia's squad, it utilized the coilgun-based Assault Rifle, a classic Knightmare armament used by the Sutherland in years past. However, its hand protectors contain Blaze Luminous generators, allowing it to produce Luminous shields from its forearms, similar to the original Lancelot.

Operational History[]

During the invasion of Zilkhstan, several of these accompanied Cornelia as she led her squad to assault the capital, Gralbahd. They were confronted by Bolvona Forgnar and his men. While Cornelia took on Forgnar and his Gun Du Goon one-on-one, these units engaged his company of Ghedo Vakkas.

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