Sutherland Tonfa

Sutherland using it's Stun Tonfa.

Stun Tonfas (スタントンファー, Sutantonfā) are melee weapons used for close range combat and can be equipped to the arms of a Knightmare Frame. It uses electricity from its built in Stun gun to electrify the metal tonfa batons, which flip outward, and can be used to deliver devastating melee blows.


The first Knightmare Frame to equip basic non-stun tonfas was the Glasgow. During the Invasion of Japan on August 10, 2010 a.t.b., the Glasgow used its tonfas in conjunction with stun guns. The Britannian Military later decided to combine the stun guns with the tonfas and henceforth they became "Stun Tonfas." The primary user of the Stun Tonfas is the Britannian Armed Forces, particularly amogst elite groups such as Purist Faction, however they have been seen used by the likes of the Black Knights on occasion.

Stun Tonfas are usually equipped to mass production units, the Sutherland was the most common Knightmare seen utilizing the Tonfa's as a secondary weapon. This was due to the production cost of newer technologies, despite the Stun Tonfa's being made more obsolete and about to be phased out in favor of the likes of the Maser Vibration Sword and the newer elbow mounted Needle Blazer. The Britannian Armed Forces surprisingly decided to reintroduce the Stun Tonfa into their new mass production seventh generation Knighmare Frame, the Vincent Ward, having two mounted on both elbows instead of the Needle Blazer which was found on the previous Vincent prototypes.


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