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Tristan and Sutherland Ikaros of the Steiner Konzern

The RZX-3F7 Bradford and FFB-02 Sutherland Ikaros, two KMFs developed by the Steiner Konzem.

The Steiner Konzern was a prestigious Britannian weapons manufacturer that was headed by the engineering noble family, the Steiners, who were retainers of the Weinberg Family. After one of its head researchers was outed as a terrorist, the conglomerate was dissolved.


At some point, the Steiner Konzern was a figure in the aviation industry before moving into the knightmare development arena. It was the only organization given a licence to develop variable-type knightmares, specialized frames with a flight mode for aerial battles and a knight mode for ground warfare. Such knightmares were only in the prototype stages before 2017 a.t.b, and were kept a closely guarded military secret. Under the direction of Lord Wilbur Milville, Head of Aerial Weapon Development, the RAI-X16 Somerset and FFB-02 Sutherland Ikaros were created. Technologies from both were used in the construction of a new prototype, the RZX-3F7 Bradford, which would be a platform to build a variable knightmare fit for the Knight of Three, Gino Weinberg. Another of Milville's initiatives was the Sky Knight program, a division of pilots that would use the variable frames to defend Britannia's skies. 

In 2017 a.t.b, however, Steiner Konzern faced decline. Project Camelot's Float System threatened to steal some of their market shares. The Soresi Family, whom the Steiner heir was marrying into, lost its prestiege when its own heir, Kewell Soresi, was killed, reflecting badly upon the Steiners. Despite the Bradford being nearly complete, it lacked a pilot skilled enough to make the final adjustments meant to bring out its full potential. Finally, after losing his wife in a domestic terrorist attack, Lord Milville went missing, causing all of his projects to be put on hold, including the knightmares he was developing. Left only with the blueprints to the Bradford and Tristan, the Steiner Konzern was only able to keep the two operational at great difficulty, thanks to the intervention of the Weinberg Family.

It is later revealed that Lord Milville had joined the domestic terrorist organisation Wings of Talleyrand, with the intention of forcing Britannia to change its policy regarding its air forces. Milville lead a large portion of the organization, using many of his prototype frames, against Pendragon and was ultimately killed, but he succeeded in making Britannian air superiority a priority for officials. Dubbed the Wilbur Milville Incident, officials deemed the Steiner Konzern to blame for its negligent management, despite the protest of Gino Weinberg's father. The conglomerate was dissolved and restructured into Gino's personal KMF development team in order to continue maintaining the Bradford and developing the Tristan.

Known Members[]

  • Lord Wilbur Milville, former Head of Aerial Weapons Development

Notable Creations[]