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Stage 9
Picture Drama 07
"Stage 9.75"
Original Release Date April 25, 2007
English Release Date December 9, 2008
Picture Drama Chronology
Stage 9.33 Stage 22.25

Stage 9.75 is the seventh picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It is set after episode 9. It features a dinner time conversation between Lelouch, Nunnally and Sayoko about C.C..


Lelouch and Nunnally are at the dinner table eating dinner. Nunnally compliments on Lelouch's cooking stating that it is very delicious. She goes on questioning on how Lelouch prepared the food to which he answered in details to her. Nunnally changes subjects and asks Lelouch if this reminded him of their past. Lelouch replies that it does, especially with their time with Suzaku, but the rest of the time was all sorrow and full of horrible things. Nunnally mentions that "person" hasn't came in awhile to which Lelouch says that it's probably because Suzaku is working with the army right now. However, Nunnally meant C.C. which causes Lelouch to react in an awkward manner and questions her on why she would ask about that.

Nunnally told Lelouch that she believes that Lelouch and C.C. cannot date because of her always being here. Lelouch on the other hand quickly strikes down all notions of him and C.C. being boyfriend and girlfriend, but cannot think of what to tell Nunnally of his true relationship with C.C. They are interrupted by the return of Sayoko which relieves Lelouch of his current situation and decides to change the subject and ask how Sayoko was doing. She replies that she had to leave for her own reasons, but is assured by Lelouch that it is okay for her to do so as she was originally hired by the Ashford family. Nunnally then asks Sayoko how Milly's 31st marriage interview went and Sayoko stated that Milly wrecked it herself again.

Sayoko gives Nunnally the second issue for a thousand cranes series which causes Nunnally to ask her if there are other good luck charms in Japan that grant wishes. Lelouch is the first to see it and cringes when Sayoko hands it to Nunnally. Sayoko responds with a yes and gives Nunnally a straw doll with a set of five-inch nails.