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Stage 9
Picture Drama 06
"Stage 9.33"
Original Release Date July 27, 2007
English Release Date February 3, 2009
Picture Drama Chronology
Stage 8.75 Stage 9.75

Stage 9.33 is the sixth picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It is set after episode 9. This features Ashford Academy's Gender Role Reversal Festival.


It's time for the Gender Role Reversal Festival at Ashford Academy. The girls are first seen being finished in dressing up. Kallen is dressed up as a tough guy, Milly is dressed as a knight, Nunnally is dressed in Lelouch's normal clothes as a regular boy, Sayoko is dressed as a butler, Shirley is dressed as a policeman and Nina is dressed as a detective. Kallen questions on what it is exactly to Milly. Milly replies that since it was well received last year, they decided to do it again this year. Nunnally joins in on the conversation commenting that she likes dressing as a boy. Then, Kallen wonders how the boys will handle dressing as girls.

As the girls are wondering, Milly decides to ask if they are ready yet. Suzaku replies that they are ready. He is revealed to be wearing a girls uniform, Rivalz as a maid and Lelouch is dressed as a princess. However, Lelouch even fully dressed states that he is not mentally prepared for it yet. Lelouch questions Rivalz and Suzaku how they can be so calm and comfortable in girl clothes. Both respond that they are still boys just dressed as girls.

After waiting long enough, the girls decide to come in. As soon as they come in, they all comment that Lelouch looks beautiful as a girl. However, Nunnally retorts that it is sad that she can't see how beautiful Lelouch looks like. Milly decides that even as dressing up in the opposite gender is not enough and that everybody needs to change their personalities as well. Since Milly is Student Council President, everybody complies and starts to act their gender. Milly decides to have fun and declares her love for Lelouch which results in Shirley admitting too. This causes Kallen to comment that Lelouch is popular, but Milly thinks of it that Kallen loves Lelouch as well who denies it though. Suzaku, Rivalz, Nina and Nunnally decide to join in causing Lelouch to scream "I've had enough!"