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Stage 8
Picture Drama 05
"Stage 8.75"
Original Release Date June 22, 2007
English Release Date December 12, 2009
Picture Drama Chronology
Stage 6.75 Stage 9.33

Stage 8.75 is the fifth picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It is set after episode 8. It features Princess Cornelia and Euphemia at Prince Clovis' beach resort with the Ashford Academy's members also present as tourists.


Cornelia and Euphemia are in the dressing room at Prince Clovis' beach resort. Cornelia questions Euphemia if she has to wear that swimsuit as she believes that it is too revealing. However, Euphemia on the other hand states that out of all the swimsuits that Clovis designed, that one is the most appropriate for her. Euphemia tells her to put it on and helps her in doing so. Andreas Darlton and Guilford are seen standing outside guarding the dress room. Darlton mentions on how his sons would be jealous right now if they were here. Guildford mentions the name, Glaston Knights and states that he respects Darlton for taking in orphans and training them into knights. However, Guildford notes that even if both of them are bodyguards for the princesses that Darlton might be going a tad bit overboard with hiding a gun in his swimming trunks to which Darlton replies that he might be right.

Suzaku is seen on the beach with Cécile who is questioning her if it's really alright to be relaxing while they are supposed to be guards. Cécile states that it is alright as there is no need for a Knightmare which is also the reason why Lloyd did not come. Then, Suzaku compliments on Cécile's swimsuit which gets her all flustered.

The Ashford Academy members then appear with Shirley recognizing Suzaku at the beach. Milly tells Suzaku that they were able to come because her family used to be local celebrities. Cornelia then appears on stage making an announcement to open Clovis' beach resort to the public. Lelouch instantly recognizes Cornelia with a sour face. Shirley takes it the wrong way and mentions it to Milly as if Lelouch was going to jump at Cornelia. Milly replies that it is normal for a male high school student to want to be physically close to someone as sexually attractive as Cornelia. Everyone else jumps in with their own interpretations about Cornelia and Nunnally decides to ask Lelouch to train her to be as great as Cornelia. Lelouch also agrees that it would be important for Nunnally to learn. However, everyone else takes the siblings' conversation the wrong way, interpreting it differently.



  • Andreas Darlton mentions that he has sons, to which Guilford elaborates on, stating that they are orphans who have been adopted by him and trained to be knights. They would eventually become the Glaston Knights.