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Stage 6
Picture Drama 04
"Stage 6.75"
Original Release Date March 23, 2007
English Release Date August 5, 2008
Picture Drama Chronology
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Stage 6.75 is the fourth picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It is set after episode 6. It features a conversation between Suzaku and Rivalz about Suzaku's past prior to attending Ashford Academy.


Out on the Ashford Academy front lawn, Rivalz is working on his motorbike with Suzaku while they talk about how the latter first met Lelouch. Suzaku has just told him that Lelouch used to come over to visit during summer break when they were kids, but politely says that they had not spent much time together. Rivalz awkwardly asks him to stop being so formal as they are just classmates. Suzaku subsequently apologizes and speaks more casually. Since Lelouch is very secretive about his past, Rivalz says he is happy to have finally met someone who knew Lelouch when he was younger. When Rivalz asks Suzaku to hand him a ten-millimetre wrench, Suzaku corrects him with the proper size and expresses his familiarity with the bike. Suzaku fondly explains that a woman who owned the same bike used to help him a lot before joined the army and it was his job to maintain the bike. This person, however, has already passed away. After Suzaku says that he lives in the cramped military quarters at the university across the street, Rivalz asks if he wants to be his roommate at the dorms; a hint of loneliness in his voice. Suzaku declines as he has to attend to this duties there, but thanks Rivalz for the kind offer.

In the military quarters across the street, Cecile asks Lloyd to finish up the important paper work that will finalize their move into the university's space. Lloyd says he will leave it all up to her as he always does, noting how many years they have been working together. She tells him that it is wasteful to put off doing things for later and he replies that he sees "love" inside of her. Cecile is initially flustered. He then reasserts that it is love; love for research. Unamused by the joke, Cecile asks for authority over the general affairs of their engineering core and Lloyd grants it. Suzaku enters the building immediately after, stiffly reporting to duty according to military procedure. Cecile sternly tells Suzaku to simply say "I'm here" instead as social and military rank should not play part here. She insists that this military quarter should be treated like their home. After some hesitation, Suzaku assents and says "I'm here." Cecile and Lloyd then respond with a warm "Welcome home!".



  • A photo of one of the frames from this Picture drama appears on Kallen's wall of photos at the end of episode 25 of season R2.
  • In both the English and Japanese credits for this drama, Lloyd is humming the tune for nursery rhyme "Mary Had A Little Lamb."