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Stage 4
Picture Drama 03
"Stage 4.33"
Original Release Date May 25, 2007
English Release Date December 9, 2008
Picture Drama Chronology
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Stage 4.33 is the third picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. This is set before episode 4. It features a conversation between Jeremiah and Villetta regarding Jeremiah's past and his ambitions.


Jeremiah and Villetta are in his office having a conversation with each other. Villeta asks Jeremiah how does it feel to be sitting in the Viceroy's chair. Jeremiah responds that it is bad manners and her background would be exposed if she said something like that to others. However, Villeta tells Jeremiah that her lineage is different from his. Jeremiah on the other hand thinks otherwise and reassures her that after the Purist Faction takes over, he will personally submit a proposal for her to become a Baroness.

He then explains that Suzaku Kururugi's execution is scheduled for tomorrow and leaves the details to her. Jeremiah continues by stating that he cannot receive further shame as it has now been twice that he allowed members of the Royal Family to be killed. He tells Villetta of his time when he received his first mission as a soldier eight years ago to were he was assigned as a guard at the Aries Imperial Villa. He notes that because of an order, a minimum number of guards were on duty that day and were not able to defend from rebels. This became his first failure and he was moved to Area 11 afterwards. Jeremiah begins to regret and cry because of these failures of his. Villetta tries to cheer him up, to which Jeremiah does and states that his sister, Lilycia would laugh at him right now in his current state. He decides to continue on with his work in order to regain his former honor for Prince Clovis and former Queen Marianne. Then, Jeremiah calls Villetta to his side and aspires to become the Knight of One.

It ends with a scene from episode 4 after Jeremiah encounters Zero and is already under his Geass influence ordering his men to stand down and allow Zero to escape with Suzaku Kururugi.



  • Jeremiah mentions that he has a sister named Lilycia.