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Stage 3
Picture Drama 02
"Stage 3.25"
Original Release Date February 23, 2007
English Release Date August 5, 2008
Picture Drama Chronology
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Stage 3.25 is the second picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It is set shortly after episode 3. It features a conversation between the female members of Ashford Academy's Student Council in the bath.


All the female members of Ashford Academy's Student Council are seen taking a bath. Milly apologizes to Kallen for not making her welcome party more exciting because of the announcement of Prince Clovis' death and the suspect that killed him. Kallen replies that she doesn't mind it, but questions on why all of them are together in the bath as she had already taken a shower earlier. However, Milly states that this is another way that they can all get to know each other better and implies that Shirley would be upset if Kallen took Lelouch's clothes back with her.

Shirley quickly shoots down Milly's statement and instead chooses to question as to why Lelouch was acting strangely after the announcement of Clovis' death. Then, Milly responds to Shirley's question that it was because Nunnally was there at that time. Kallen mentions that she noticed that Lelouch treated her differently than he does with Nunnally. Milly jokingly states that it is because he is in love with his sister.

Shirley follows up by asking Milly why she is staring at her and Milly says it is because she has a wonderful body and starts to joke about it. However, Shirley becomes flustered and decides to change the view over to how nice the President's body is who decides to stand up. Nina tells her to be careful as she can catch a cold. Surprised, Kallen notes that Nina looks completely different without her glasses on. Milly agrees that she does and mentions that she has been trying to convince her all this time to wear contacts. Kallen is confused as Milly stated "All this time" to which Nina replies that she and Milly grew up together because her grandfather worked in Milly's grandfather's company in developing knightmares. Milly goes on telling everybody the history of her grandfather's company.

Afterwards, Milly asks if Kallen is available the day after tomorrow to which she replied that she can't as she has to go to Tokyo Tower that day. Milly decides that it is fine and that she can just do it right now, by asking Kallen, what are her three sizes because they need it for costumes or events. Kallen sees right through the President and declines to answer. With no choice left, Milly orders Shirley to hold Kallen back and proceeds to check. This leaves Kallen to become embarrassed and shout out loud.