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Stage 23
Picture Drama 09
"Stage 23.95"
Original Release Date September 25, 2007
English Release Date February 3, 2009
Picture Drama Chronology
Stage 22.25 Stage 0.97

Stage 23.95 is the ninth picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It is set before episode 24, revealing Suzaku's own thoughts and suspicions about Lelouch as he prepares for battle.


Suzaku is seen suiting up into his pilot suit while questioning himself on why he is planning to continue on piloting the Lancelot and fight. However, he realizes that he already knows the answer to that question stating that it had been decided since that "time."

It moves to a flashback of when Suzaku, Lelouch and Nunnally were children. Lelouch explains to Suzaku that he plans on changing his and Nunnally's name and go into hiding with the Ashford family giving them shelter. Nunnally questions Suzaku what he plans to do now as well. Both Lelouch and Nunnally assumed that he would go with his master, Kyoshiro Tohdoh. However, Suzaku replied that he wasn't able to get in contact with Tohdoh and that Kirihara has joined Britannia. He also states that the Sumeragi family is also unable to help, but then reassures both Lelouch and Nunnally that he will be fine as he is the son of the Kururugi Family. Before leaving Nunnally tells Suzaku that one day a helping hand would help him. As they leave him, Suzaku doubts that they will all meet each other again and blames himself as the cause of the reason.

He goes on thinking that if he could tell Lelouch everything he plans on doing, it would make him feel more at ease, but he feels as though he cannot. Lelouch returns stating to Suzaku that he will destroy Britannia. However, Suzaku could not respond and was at a loss of words. The flashback ends and returns to Suzaku still regretting that if only he had told Lelouch then, that everything could have turned out different. Instead, Suzaku believes that it is now too late and resolves himself to confront his friend.