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Stage 22
Picture Drama 08
"Stage 22.25"
Original Release Date August 24, 2007
English Release Date February 3, 2009
Picture Drama Chronology
Stage 9.75 Stage 23.95

Stage 22.25 is the eighth picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It is set during episode 22. It is a flashback where Nunnally reminisces about an incident involving one of her mother's commemorative plates, when she and Lelouch were still living with the Britannian Imperial Family.


It begins with Nunnally and Sayoko listening in through the radio about Euphemia's Special Administrative Zone of Japan. The announcer states that Zero had arrived and is currently in negotiations with Euphemia. It then moves to a flashback of Nunnally when she was young. She is playing around in a room and a young Lelouch tells Nunnally that she should go to bed or she won't wake up tomorrow morning. Nunnally declines stating that she's not sleepy and that it is rare to stay at Euphemia's place. A young Euphemia is seen reading a book and mentions that she does not mind them staying with her.

Nunnally spots something that piques her curiosity and asks Euphemia what it is. Lelouch is able to recognize it as their mother's commemorative knighthood plate. Euphemia states that she finds it lovely and asked her sister, Cornelia if she could have it. Nunnally picks it up and tells Lelouch that she wants the plate. However, Lelouch tells her that they can't have any commemorative artifacts. Even after hearing it Nunnally still wants it, but Lelouch says otherwise and tries to grab it back from her making it a tug of war between the two siblings. Unfortunately, it drops to the ground and shatters into pieces. Lelouch quickly apologizes to Euphemia and tells Nunnally to do the same. Nunnally starts crying as she apologizes to Euphemia.

However, Euphemia responds that she is glad that it broke because now she and Nunnally can both have it at the same time now. She hands a piece of the plate to Nunnally and receives a kiss from her while saying she loves her. The flashback ends with Nunnally mentioning that memory was the last one of their childhood that they enjoyed. It returns to the present with Nunnally believing that Euphemia is working towards a peaceful world. The announcer notes that Euphemia has returned onto the stage and ponders if she has come to an agreement with Zero. The radio slowly becomes afflicted with more and more static as the announcer is unable to understand what Euphemia is about to do. Nunnally wonders what is happening and it ends with a sound of a plate shattering.