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Stage 0
Audio Drama 01
"Stage 0.515 The Uninvited Prince"
Original Release Date April 25th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
First Audio Drama Nunnally Vanished

Stage 0.515 takes place seven years before the Black Rebellion and shortly before the Invasion of Japan.


It begins as a young Suzaku Kururugi comes to the dwelling of Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia. He first notices that laundry is hanging out to dry and remarks at how girlish it is. He is very angry that a Britannian prince would live so close to him.

Lelouch approaches him and asks if he should move the clothing. this innocent request is shot down by Suzaku as he lashes out at Lelouch for being a hostage while he is the heir to the Kururugi name. He feels really superior at this point and thinks that Lelouch shouldn't even be allowed to talk to him.

It shifts as Tohdoh knocks Suzaku down for not paying attention during their sparring match. Tohdoh asks if Lelouch is distracting him and Suzaku outright denies it. Tohdoh then tells him that they should be friends and Suzaku explains that Lelouch doesn't eat food they bring him and doesn't want any help. Tohdoh tries to appease Suzaku and tells him that eventhough he is a soldier he would rather avoid fighting. This does little to appease Suzaku.

Later that day Suzaku runs into a mob of kids beating up Lelouch at the foot of a mountain. Despite body guards being present no one does anything as Lelouch continues to take their beating. This infuriates Suzaku for some reason and he charges in and rescues Lelouch. He then discovers that the body guards are not there to protect Lelouch but rather watch him and ensure that he doesn't step out of line. They talk for a moment and Suzaku sees this royal prince squabble in the dirt for some loose change and a rewards card. Lelouch then tells Suzaku that regardless of what happens he will live by his own strength and doesn't need the charity of others. Lelouch then walks away and leaves Suzaku very confused.