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Type Unitary Parliamentary Democracy
State head Unknown
Capital Unknown
Area 505,990 km²
Population Unknown
Status Active, sovereignty restored and member-state of UFN
Preceded by EU Presidental Office Elysee PalaceUnited Republic of Europia (member-state
[1821 a.t.b.-2017 a.t.b.])

HBEArea 24 (2017 a.t.b-2018 a.t.b.)

Succeeded by UFNUnited Federation of Nations (member-state)
Real World Countries
Other Information
See Holy Britannian Empire

United States of Spain was Area 24 of the Holy Britannian Empire until 2018 a.t.b.. Its inhabitants consequently being known as "Twenty-Fours". Before that, it was a member-state of the United Republic of Europia until 2017 a.t.b. when Britannia invaded Western Europe.


Marrybell is known to have been a Viceroy of this area along with inhabiting the Stars of Madrid, a resistance group that Oldrin was a part of.

Despite being liberated by Lelouch, Marrybell was still stationed here engaging the UFN force during the Battle of Mt Fuji against their local division. This place serves as the major conflict called the Ultimate Battle of Madrid that involved the unified resistance forces all around the world against Marrybell's Glinda Knights and the rest of the Britannian Military. After Marybell's death, part of her rule is gone along with Lelouch's. Even after Marrybell's death due to her reputation as the Viceroy of it's former name Area 24 and as "The Witch" known to put the world under fear as the one entrusted to use Damocles by her half brother Lelouch, the entire country still maintained it's anti-Britannian sentinment as mentioned by Nunnally.