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Sophie Wood (ソフィ・ウッド, Sofi Uddo) is a member of the swimming club and Shirley Fenette's roommate at Ashford Academy in the first season.

Character History

First Season

In the third episode, The False Classmate, some girls can be heard telling Kallen that Sophie was worried about her because she was missing too many classes. In the fourteenth episode, Geass vs. Geass, she is Geassed into leaving her dorm room in order for Lelouch and C.C. to search it for any evidence of Shirley discovering Zero's identity.


  • Her name was based on the character's voice actress, Miki Hayashi. Hayashi (林) means "Wood".
  • In episode 12.55 of the audio drama, Shirley says that Lelouch is "not like Sophie; he doesn't swing that way," suggesting that Sophie may be of a non-heterosexual orientation.
  • In a Code Geass magazine Sophie's bust size was placed at 13th in season one, putting her lower than C.C, but higher than Sayoko.


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