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The evolution of firearms in the Code Geass universe

Small Arms, within the world of Code Geass, are small firearms or weapons used by various characters throughout the series. Unlike real-world firearms, those found in the world of Code Geass do not use gunpowder as an ammunition propellant, eliminating the need for brass casings; instead they operate by using a strong electromagnetic pulse to fire bullets. C.C.'s flashback in Episode 25 of R1 shows a soldier carrying what appears to be a bolt-action rifle, suggesting that such weapons are a relatively recent development in the Code Geass timeline.

The most common types of firearms are pistols and automatic weapons; other small arms include Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers and flamethrowers that can be seen on occasion. Additional firearms, such as single-shot pistols and revolvers, are confirmed to exist by supplementary materials. Britannia's standard infantry rifle is similar to the real world FN P90 and the FAMAS, having some of the features of the two. A typical Britannian pistol is almost always seen with a laser attachment, giving it a larger and bulkier appearance, pistols without attachments are only seen in rare occasions.

Knightmare Frames also possess similar weaponry, although scaled to their size; ranging from handheld assault rifles, to built-in missile pods.


Human sized Small armsEdit

Knightmare sized Small armsEdit

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