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Shiori is a character from the manga, Code Geass: Renya of Darkness.





Shiori appearing before Lorenzo Il Soresi alongside C.C.

Shiori is one of Renya's childhood friends that survived the attack on the Forgotten Village. She is captured by Jesuit soldiers at one point but is later freed by Renya. She subsequently joins him in search of their friend, Carla and assists Misuzu in her fight against Futaba Sumeragi.

After being gravely injured, Shiori is taken by Water Boy to have Dash save her by turning her into a Knightmare. She later returns alongside C.C. in front of Lorenzo Il Soresi. She had also gained the power of Geass.

After Dash's death, she appears to have received his Code, and C.C. wonders whether she will create a new flow as V.V.



Shiori using her Geass

Shiori's Geass gives her the ability to "reverse the order of priority in one's heart", causing Lorenzo's priority to switch from fulfilling his own ambitions to switch to become loyal to the royal family. This does not, however, cause one to become a different person, but merely changes what is most important to them.



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