Shinjuku Redevelopment Zone
Shinjuku Ghetto
Location Border of the Tokyo Concession
Primary User Holy Britannian Empire
Real World
Appears in The Day a New Demon was Born
The Shinjuku Ghetto is a region bordering the Tokyo Concession left untouched by the Area 11 colonial government. The buildings within were heavily damaged during the combative phase of the Britannian occupation, and due to sanctions imposed by the subsequent colonial government, rebuilding efforts have thus far yielded only temporary structures that house the Elevens who did not take the Honorary Britannian status or the homeless/unemployed, they inhabit the area.

Sometime later, after the first Black Rebellion, the Shinjuku Ghetto became a construction zone within designated as Shinjuku Redevelopment Area separated by different blocks. Expansion of the Tokyo Settlement was part of the plan to elevate Area 11 from a reformation status to a satellite status. Block Five is the location where Lelouch Lamperouge initially formed his Geass contract with C.C..

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