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Shin Bandou (坂東森, Bandō Shin) is a character appearing in the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection manga. He is a former member of the Japan Liberation Front and led the Japanese Revolutionary Army in a terrorist attack on the Shinagawa Seaside Airport.



Bandou held great loyalty to Josui Kusakabe, and thus held a deep grudge against Zero for his death.

Character History[]

In the past, Shin Bandou was a Major in the Japanese military and a participant of Kyoshiro Tohdoh's dojo, where he even helped Suzaku Kururugi with his training. During the Britannian invasion, he led a unit that included then-newly recruited Konishina. He, like many others of the remaining military, would go on to participate in the Japan Liberation Front.

Following the hotel hijacking incident that resulted in the death of Kusakabe, Bandou and others would blame Zero for murdering him rather than the official story that he committed suicide. They in turn believed that losing him even contributed to losing General Katase. When the Japan Liberation Front was nearly wiped out, they would go underground and refuse to join with the Black Knights like many other remaining members.

In Kowa 1, he and his group would reappear, now calling themselves the Japanese Revolutionary Army, and launch an attack on the Shinagawa Seaside Airport. taking it over, taking those inside hostage, and unleashing a computer virus called Braconidae on its system. Their ultimate goal was to leave a mark on history and have their names go down in it rather than any deeper ideology. The group was defeated handily by Zero in the Lancelot Albion Zero, but not before the upload of the Braconidae. Believing their objectives achieved, Bandou committed suicide by leaping from the control tower with a grenade, the resulting explosion splattering his blood across the Albion Zero, and leaving Suzaku to prevent planes from colliding due to the virus.