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Shesthaal Forgnar (シェスタール・フォーグナー, Shesutāru Fōgunā) is a character that appears in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection. He was a captain belonging to Shamna's Elite Guard. His father is Bolvona Forgnar. He died in a Sakuradite explosion during the assault on the Wailing Prison.


Shesthaal was a tall man with olive hair and green eyes. While not being well built, he was still athletically capable.


He was an incredibly confident man who held himself above the people around him due to him being born a noble. Belonging to house Forgnar he believes himself to be superior to others due to his "Genes," because of this he is shown to be arrogant, and he will immediately lose his temper and reasoning the moment someone insults his lineage. Like when Lelouch called House Forgnar nothing more than upstart group of Brigands and Bandits that came to the country 150 years ago.   

While he was intelligent, he would still fall victim to his hubris when he believed he had the upper hand in a battle.

Also to mention is that while it is never explicitly shown Shesthaal seems to be an exceptional pilot based on the fact that he is shown during the first scene to able to fly a helicopter, having a personalized KMF and was bold enough to charge at the enemy base alone. This however was the cause for his own undoing.


  • "I've come to get you, Zero."
  • "I shall introduce them to my superior genes."