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The Sheffield Eye is a Knightmare Frame used by Sokkia Sherpa. It was originally made for the Knight of Nine, Nonette Enneagram.

Design and Specifications[]

This model specializes in electronic warfare and command communication; grasping the situation, jamming communications, etc. It was renovated for Sokkia as part of the "Emerald Plan". Its head unit is equipped with the quasi-Druid System known as the Vates System, which is the heart of the VTDS (Vates Tactical Date System). It also possesses an Integrated Float System. Its ACO Harkens are unique to this unit, as they are a type of semi-autonomous Slash Harkens that use the Vates System for high-precision behavior prediction (equipped in the long waist skirt armor). It has a terrestrial high speed mode, the look of which highly resembling a scarecrow, where the legs come together to form a combined, centered Landspinner.

It can be docked to the back of the Lancelot Grail, becoming the Lancelot Great Valkyrie.

Operational History[]

It is first fielded in a.t.b. 2018 in Area 11 during the Second Battle of Tokyo, where it takes out the considerable amount of Gefjun Disturbers placed by Lelouch in the trains across the Tokyo Settlement. Towards the end of the battle, it assisted theLancelot HighGrail in saving Viceroy Nunnally from the detonation of the first F.L.E.I.J.A, which had been launched by Suzaku Kururugi aboard the Lancelot Conquista.

Sheffield Eye also took part in the final attack on Damocles, performed by combined forces of Peace Mark and Glinda Knights.



General Characteristics

Design Features



  • It is named after the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England.


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