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Shanti Chawla (シャンティ チャウラー) is the younger sister of Rakshata Chawla. She is the creator of the Frame Coats for current generation Knightmare Frames.


Shanti is a small preteen girl who looks very similar to her sister despite a few differences; She has golden yellow hair that she keeps wrapped in two green and white bands, along with yellow eyes. Like Rakshata, Shanti has fair brown skin, a purple bindi on her forehead, and thin, slanted eyebrows.

Shanti is normally seen wearing a short black with green-striped skirt and a revealing top consisting of a white undershirt and a light green band wrapped around her chest and shoulders. She also wears white earrings and two golden bracelets on each of her wrists along  with a golden cuff bracelet on both of her lower legs.


Like her sister, Shanti appears very laid back and usually has a stoic, uninterested look on her face. She is a child prodigy and is hinted to be as smart as her sister.

Despite her usual stoic and detached attitude, Shanti has been shown acting like a typical child shown in the ending when she threw a crying fit upon learning her Frame Coats were destroyed in the battle with the Kingdom of Zilkhstan thus showing that like Rakshata she doesn't like having her creations destroyed.


Rakshata Chawla[]

Shanti works under her sister Rakshata as part of her research team with several other child protegees and is hinted to have a typically loving relationship with her as Shanti referred to her as “Sis” during her debut.

Kallen Kōzuki[]

Kallen and Shanti are implied to be very good friends. During the battle of Zilkhstan, Kallen was forced to discard her Guren's Frame Coating despite knowing how Shanti would take it. During the end credits, Kallen is shown desperately apologizing to Shanti while the latter cries over pictures of her destroyed Frame Coats.