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Shalio (シャリオ, Shario) is the secondary antagonist in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection. He is the King of Zilkhstan, and Shamna’s younger brother. Even though he’s disabled, he’s very talented at piloting his Knightmare Frame.


Shalio is a relatively young man with blonde hair and light blue eyes that lack pupils. He possesses extremely poor health with a heavily scarred body, and is permanently wheelchair-bound because of his atrophied legs. Due to his flawed vision, everything he sees is blurred and tinted blue. He relies on his visor to assist his sight throughout the film. When losing his composure, he begins weeping blood.


An incredibly arrogant warrior with a penchant for showmanship, Shalio's reliance on his sister has led to him being incredibly confident when she is assisting him, but without her, he begins to fall apart. Much like his sister, he is incredibly cold to those around him but still seems to believe that they are the thing that he fights for.

Shalio displays an obsessive desire to become the ultimate warrior. This leads to his obsession with Suzaku, sadistically torturing him with an Urumi and copying Suzaku's fighting techniques. Due to the poor health of his own body, he feels most alive while piloting his Knightmare, and hence considers Nagid Shu Mane to be an extension of his own body, if not his true body.

Despite these darker aspects, Shalio bears a genuine desire to care for his kingdom's wellbeing, repeatedly reminding himself of his duty to his people.


  • Shalio is a sort of distorted reflection of Nunnally vi Britannia. They are both royalty and have a doting older sibling who loves them more than anything else and they love just as much. Their older sibling also has a powerful Geass and a corrupted Code. They are also both wheelchair-bound and have a history of sight impairment. However, while both care deeply for their own people, where Nunnally is empathetic to a fault and almost unfailingly kind, Shalio is brutal and sadistic and single-minded.


  • To Suzaku Kururugi
    • "You wouldn't choose death except to protect someone. That's all the data we've figured out so far."
    • "Suzaku Kururugi, all of your strength shall be mine!"
  • "How many people have suffered to allow me to maintain my body?"