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Schnee Hexen (シュネー・ヘクセン) is a young man assigned by Prince Schneizel to serve under Suzaku's command. He expresses extreme prejudice towards Numbers, but that is mostly due to his parents' influence rather than his personality. He doesn't have much faith in himself and can be easily flushed.


Schnee is a short young man with short, slicked-back blond hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a similar military uniform and cape as Ledo. The uniform consists of white pants and a light blue coat with the same golden emblem as the Knights of the Round have on the upper part of the left sleeve. He also wears the same black gloves and boots as the Rounds, along with a blue cape worn over one shoulder and held in place by a golden braid.


Having been brought up as an aristocrat, Schnee is introduced holding many of the same values as the typical Britannian. This is also the reason he joined the military, as when he was raised he was frequently told that the bluest blood should be shed first and that to die for one's country is an honor. When Suzaku saves his life from some Britannian defectors, however, Schnee starts to rethink some of the things he's been told about Numbers and Britannians.

Schnee is bad at hiding his emotions and can get easily flustered or caught off-guard. Schnee dislikes unnecessary bloodshed and has a hard time fighting against his own countrymen, even if those countrymen are traitors to Britannia.

Code Geass: Lancelot & Guren[]

Schnee's first appearance in the manga is together with Ledo as they watch Suzaku's appointment to Knight of Seven and, the next day, how he fights off the people who'd come to challenge him for the title. Schnee, who had previously scoffed at Suzaku as he is an Eleven, is shocked by Suzaku's prowess in battle. Sometime after that, Prince Schneizel assigns him and Ledo to serve as knights under Suzaku upon Suzaku's return from St. Petersburg. Suzaku then names his squad - consisting of Schnee and Ledo - the Konoe Knights, after which they get sent to fight on the front in Belarus.

Schnee participates in a battle alongside Ledo and Suzaku, where he ends up surrounded by enemies and expects to die. He is then saved by Suzaku, who proceeds to win the whole battle for them, and Schnee is shocked to see how Suzaku fights up close.

Afterwards, Schnee, Ledo and Suzaku get sent to fight against Europian forces in Poland. Those forces turn out to be former Euro-Britannians, and Schnee is shocked and appalled. Unable to fight against them, he once again anticipates being killed - and once again, Suzaku saves him. Suzaku then deems Schnee's mental health to be too unstable for him to join Suzaku and Ledo in a battle in France, which Schnee vehemently opposes. After talking with Suzaku, however, Schnee agrees to remain behind.

To apologise, he later invites Suzaku to come with him to his family manor in Idaho during their time off. Suzaku accepts. Schnee argues with his family about Suzaku's value as a person and Schnee defends Suzaku to his father. Later, Schnee and Suzaku sit down to talk and Schnee asks Suzaku about his ideals. Suzaku admits that his ideals have become shattered. Schnee wants to help Suzaku rebuild that ideal and swears allegiance to him.

A sudden terrorist attack in Idaho makes Schnee and Suzaku head out to fight, where the Avalon comes to their assistance. Schnee, Suzaku and Ledo fight off the terrorists and the city survives unscathed. Suzaku's next assignment after that is in Area 11, and Schnee and Ledo see him off at the airport before getting a new assignment to test some float units for Lloyd.


Suzaku Kururugi[]

He seems to hate Suzaku, stating that a Number cannot be a part of the Knights of the Round. However, after watching Suzaku defeat the knights that challenged him, he gained a sense of respect and fear towards him. 

Later in the series, he is shown swearing his loyalty to Suzaku after Suzaku saved his life twice. He wants to help Suzaku in achieving his ideals and seems to respect him a great deal. This however disappeared after Suzaku fired F.L.E.I.J.A. killing Ledo who sacrificed his life to save his in Lancelot and Guren. He would blame Suzaku for killing his friend and allies he decided to no longer serve under him anymore as he lost respect and loyalty for his actions. During the Kowa Period he would met him again under the identity as Zero while visiting Ledo 's grave, there he would forgive Suzaku.

Ledo Offen[]

Schnee is introduced alongside Ledo and seemingly on good terms with him already. He does not like the thought of people talking about Ledo behind Ledo's back just because he's a commoner, and later on Schnee takes a moment in the middle of an aerial battle just to tell Ledo that he considers him a truly important friend. He also says that he thinks he and Ledo together can do anything. In Lancelot and Guren, Ledo would give up his life by pushing him out of the F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion. Schnee would mourn him and blame Suzaku for killing Ledo and Allies and enemies alike.

Schnee's Family[]

When Schnee gets assigned to serve under Suzaku, his whole family considers him to be a disgrace to the family name for serving under a Number. His family further insults Suzaku when Schnee invites him to come stay with his family in Idaho, at which point Schnee starts arguing with his father. Schnee is angry and disappointed with his family since they refuse to show Suzaku any respect, even after he's saved Schnee's life.