Lancelot Sand Panels

The Lancelot's Sand Panels

Sand Panels (砂パネル, Suna Paneru) are some sort of Hover engine technology that probably uses magnetic force to stay floated to some height. They are typically used when the Landspinner cannot be operated in a certain type of terrain, and are usually attached to the feet of a Knightmare Frame to allow it to operate in sandy or muddy terrain without suffering significant performance loss.

Operational HistoryEdit

Sand Panels were first seen to be used by the Middle Eastern Federation by their Bamides in a campaign to expel the Invading Britannian Forces until it is shown that the Britannian have developed their own version of the Sand Panels for use with their Gloucester. It is subsequently used by the Lancelot during the Battle of Narita to quickly cross the muddy terrain caused by the landslide triggered by the Black Knights in order to provide backup to Cornelia's badly-damaged Gloucester.

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