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Sakuya Sumeragi (皇サクヤ, Sumeragi Sakuya) is one of the co-protagonists of Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture. Using the alias of Roze (ロゼ, Roze), they are part of the Nameless Mercenary duo and act as the younger brother of Ash.


When disguising as Roze, he is a feminine-looking boy with blonde hair with a red bang and teal-colored eyes.

In real form, Sakuya is a beautiful girl with long black hair and purple pinkish eyes. Notably, her irises are bluish near the center, distinguishing Sakuya from Sakura Haruyanagininomiya (whose irises are completely purple).


As Roze, Sakuya is a laid back and cheerful individual, often speaking casually. He can be somewhat blunt, such as when he told Tomoomi that his dead Allie’s would prefer if he used the information they provided, but is apologized apon realizing that the comment was insensitive.

As Sakuya, she is more cold and calculating, acting with purpose to accomplish her goals. Her sole motivations are to rescue Sakura and get revenge on those responsible for the death of her parents. Despite Roze treating Ash as his brother, Sakuya secretly hates him, having geassed him to believe their familial relationship and secretly planning to kill him for the death of her father once her goals are achieved.

Character History[]

Sakuya Sumeragi was born to Jugo Sumeragi, the lord of Hokkaido block of the Japan, and Sherry me Britannia, a daughter of Charles zi Britannia. She grew up as best friends with her body double, Sakura Haruyanagininomiya. As a child, Sakuya was introduced to Gran and Greede Kirkwayne and while they didn't display it, they hated Sakuya for being Japanese. At some point, Sakuya met L.L., who gave her a geass, but warned her that it would doom her to a life of isolation.

Following Hakkaido's fall and the Rise of the Neo-Britannian Empire, Ash Phoenix killed Sakuya's father Jugo, and Sakuya swore revenge against him, geassing him into believing her to be his brother Roze and forming the Nameless Mercenaries.




Sakuya using her Geass

Sakuya's Geass, bestowed upon her by L.L., gives her "The Power of Absolute Obedience", allowing her to plant commands within a person's mind with her voice a manner comparable to hypnosis. Activation of her Geass is visually represented by the Geass Sigil appearing over her throat. Commands dictated in this state are written into the minds of the designated targets once they hear her voice.

Her Geass is suppressed by her choker, which acts as voice changer and changes her eye color.


  • Her Geass commands utlized by voice resembles that of Rai, the Lost Colors protagonist.
  • If written in Japanese, her alias Roze (ロゼ) is Zero (ゼロ) spelled backwards.