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Sakura, Princess Haruyanagi (春柳宮 サクラ, Haruyanagi-no-miya[1] Sakura) is a major character appearing in Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture. Sakura is the best friend and body double of Sakuya Sumeragi, and she was the one held hostage in the place of Sakuya, while the real one is assuming identity of Roze.


As Sakuya Sumeragi's decoy, Sakura has an appearance almost identical to that of Sakuya, having long black hair and purple eyes. However, one subtle difference between the two is that Sakura's irises are completely purple, whereas Sakuya's eyes feature subtle thin bluish rings surrounding her pupils.


Character History[]

In year 3 of the Kowa Period Sakura and Sakuya Sumeragi were hunted down by Greede and Gran Kirkwayne. The two girls became separated, with Sakura getting captured by Neo Britannian forces, believing her to be the princess. From this point on, she would pretend to be princess Sakuya.

In year 7 of the Kowa Period, Sakura was being held in Abashiri Prison. She was nearly rescued by Sakuya but was quickly recovered and taken away by Catherine Sabathra.

Following the sudden death of Callis al Britannia, the Imperial Palace announced the ascension of Sakuya Sumeragi me Britannia as the 101st emperor. Unbeknownst to the majority of the public, Sakura was still acting as a decoy for Sakuya, thus she was the one elevated to emperor.


  • Her role on being the childhood friend of the main protagonist can be compared to Suzaku Kururugi, but also contrast Suzaku in in each way, while both wanted to change an empire of Britannia from within, Sakura goes for the passive way and does not fill an antagonistic role and are still in friendly terms with Sakuya in contrast to Suzaku and Lelouch acting friendly to hostile until the end of the series.




  1. 宮 (miya) is the Japanese royal title to refer the cadet branch that belongs to the prince or princess. Also, it can be used as title Prince or Princess.