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Ryo Konishina (古仁科諒, Konishina Ryō) is the Captain of the Black Knights Third Squad. He is a former member of the Japan Liberation Front.



Character History[]

During the Britannian invasion of Japan, when he was new recruit in the Japanese Army, he served under Shin Bandou. After Japan became Area 11, he joined the Japan Liberation Front like many of the remaining army.

Following the breakup of the Japan Liberation Front, he went on to join the Black Knights like many of the remaining members.

By Kowa 1, he has become the Captain of the Third Squad. During the Japanese Revolutionary Army's attack on the Shinagawa Seaside Airport, he was dispatched by Todoh due to his past with Shin Bandou, the mastermind of the attack. Though he respected the man, he could not understand why he was doing this when great strides towards peace had been made.

His unit was pinned down by the Japanese Revolutionary Army's use of a Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon, and his unit was left on the defensive. The tide of the battle shifted with Zero's arrival in the Lancelot Albion Zero.