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Ryo's Ambush
Aktio defeats Ryo's Glasgow
Date May 2017 a.t.b.
Location Europia United
Result EU Victory
  • Ryo's terrorists join the W-0
Europia United Ryo's Terrorists
Gene Smilas Ryo Sayama
3 Gardmare 1 Glasgow
Casualties and Losses
3 Gardmare 1 Glasgow


In hopes of finding a home for himself and his two friends, Ryo Sayama took on the local mafia in order to gain a Glasgow and kill as many of their members as possible. After the success with the mafia he then set up an ambush with the goals of capturing Gene Smilas and then using him to get the most recent Knightmare Frame from the Europia United.

The Battle[]

Gene Smilas, Leila Malcal, Akito Hyuga, and a small convoy blindly follow their GPS across a land bridge that Yukiya Naruse has rigged to explode. The convoy loses a few vehicles when the bridge collapses and Akito gets trapped inside a cargo truck that took damage from the explosion. Two other Gardmares manage to get out but are quickly cut down by Ryo's Glasgow. While the battle heats up, Leila feels safe inside the car until Ayano Kosaka knocks on the window and drops a grenade underneath it. Leila and Gene barely manage to get out before it explodes and Ayano takes advantage of the situation to put a sword to Gene's throat, taking him hostage.

At this point, Ryo's plan has gone perfectly. Unfortunately for him, Akito gets tired of being trapped and shoots his way out of the cargo truck. He begins to exchange fire with Ryo and the two duel for a moment. Akito's Gardmare is not as nimble as the Glasgow and as it charges head on towards the Glasgow it takes enough damage that Akito has to jump out the back of the still moving Knightmare. He uses his exploding Knightmare as a distraction and continues to charge forward on foot with nothing but a grenade launcher. He gets within range and uses a grappling hook attachment on the grenade launcher to hook onto the Glasgow and quickly slide towards it. Before Ryo can react, Akito slips under the Glasgow and fires a few grenades that cripple it.

Seeing this, Ayano knocks out Gene and charges Akito with her sword drawn. Leila quickly takes her down and essentially forces Ryo out of the cockpit. Things get a little tense when Yukiya threatens to blow them all up but Europia United air support finally arrives and the three terrorists decide to join up with the W-0 unit rather than be killed.


Although initially hesitant to the idea, Ryo and his friends inevitably bolster the ranks of the W-0 unit and are instrumental in future missions as Knightmare pilots. While it may be dangerous, they finally found a place where they belong.