Ricardo von Britannia is the first of the 99 emperors who ruled over the Holy Britannian Empire, and the one who created the nation and the common ancestor of the Imperial Family.

Originally, he was the duke of Britannia under Elizabeth III's reign, the queen's lover, and the Knight of One Sir Richard Hector's superior and friend.

However, this changed during the Age of Revolution, when Napoleon Bonaparte's armies won the Battle of Trafalgar and invaded the British Isles and occupied London. Napoleon's invasion of the British Isles advanced to the point that, in 1807, Queen Elizabeth III was forced to retreat to Edinburgh, where a local revolutionary group arrested her and forced her to abdicate the throne, ending the monarchy over the British Isles. (An event called later the "Humiliation of Edinburgh").

Sir Ricardo, accompanied by Sir Richard rescued the Queen and then led a retreat to the North American colonies with the remaining loyalists in the British Isles.

When Elizabeth III died childless in 1813, she nominated Ricardo von Britannia as her successor on her deathbed. It was at this time that the "Ascension Throne Britannia" calendar was established and the Holy Empire of Britannia created.

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