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Rescue Operation (Kyoshiro Tohdoh)
Part of Black Rebellion
Zero and Kallen find Tohdoh
Zero and Kallen find Tohdoh.
Date September 3, 2017
Location In a Britannian Prison
Result Tactical Black Knights Victory
  • Kyoshiro Tohdoh is rescued
  • Suzaku is revealed to be the pilot of the Lancelot
Holy Britannian Empire The Black Knights
Suzaku Kururugi Zero
20+ Sutherland
1 Burai
Guren Mk-II
Kyoshiro Tohdoh's Gekka
4 Gekka
Casualties and Losses
20+ Sutherland None


In order to save Kyoshiro Tohdoh, the Four Holy Swords request the Black Knights for help in an attempt to save him before his execution. Lelouch agrees to help Tohdoh's comrades rescue their leader.

The Battle[]

The Black Knights begin by blowing up the outer wall of the Britannian Prison. As alarms go off, a bunch of Sutherlands rush to the explosion and open fire upon it. The Four Holy Swords burst through the flames and start destroying the Sutherlands.

Due to the sudden attack the execution time for Tohdoh is moved up and an unnamed soldier pulls out a gun to kill him. Tohdoh is resigned to his fate but Zero and Kallen Kōzuki break into the prison, using their Knightmare Frames, and save Tohdoh. Lelouch talks to Tohdoh for some time and manages to persuade him to join the Black Knights.

The battle between the Gekkas and Sutherlands continues to rage on the prison grounds but the Britannian forces are rapidly losing. A truck bursts through the walls and delivers Tohdoh's Gekka to him. After a brief reunion with the Four Holy Swords, Tohdoh orders them to follow the Black Knights.

Suzaku and the Lancelot finally join the battle and opens fire with the VARIS Rifle. It is seven versus one but Suzaku manages to hold his own for a time until Lelouch sends data on the Lancelot to everyone else. Using this data and Lelouch's intelligence, they are able to correctly predict and counter each move the Lancelot makes. Eventually Tohdoh gets close enough to use his Brake Sword and cut the top off of the Lancelot. This exposes Suzaku and everyone reacts differently to this discovery. Tohdoh lectures Suzaku for a moment before the Four Holy Swords use a synchronized four-way attack to try and destroy the Lancelot. Suzaku deploys the harken booster and is narrowly able to block their attack. The continue to fight but Zero orders them all to retreat. At first everyone is confused but Tohdoh notices that an army of Britannian reinforcements are arriving and praises Zero for knowing the difference between a lost battle and an un-winnable battle. They deploy chaff smoke and are able to successfully withdraw, leaving Suzaku alone.


After seeing the heroism of Suzaku and listening to all the other nobles discriminate against him, Euphemia decides to make him her Knight of Honor. This decision disrupts Lelouch's plan to have Suzaku be Nunnally's knight. However the battle was still a success as Lelouch gained a powerful ally in both Tohdoh and the Four Holy Swords thus absorbing the last remnants of the JLF into the Black Knights.