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Re; is the twenty-fifth and final episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.


The final battle for the Damocles rages on between 2 separate major fronts: Lelouch confronting Nunnally for the Damocles key and Suzaku and Kallen engaging in one final showdown. In the midst of the fighting, all the series' still-surviving characters give their final thoughts on their reasons for participating in the conflict. The final battle concludes with Kallen seemingly killing Suzaku, but at the same time, Lelouch managed to acquire the Damocles key from Nunnally using his Geass. Broadcasing to the entire world, Lelouch declares that now that he controls the FLEIJA weapons, he now stands in absolute control of the world.

Two months later, Lelouch leads a convoy to execute those who rebelled against him before being stopped what appears to be Zero. Swiftly going past Lelouch's bodyguards, Zero then stabs him using the sword Lelouch himself once carried. The Zero stabbing Lelouch is revealed to be Suzaku, who faked his own death, and as it turns out, the entirety of the series' final battles was all part of Lelouch's final plan: the Zero Requiem. With the world's hatred now solely focused on Lelouch, Suzaku, as Zero would then execute him, allowing humanity to finally enter a peaceful future while remaining as Zero to help it along.

In fulfilling this plan, Suzaku and Lelouch would be establishing peace and simultaneously imposing the greatest punishments on themselves: death for Lelouch who wishes for a tomorrow with his sister, life for Suzaku who wishes to atone for his sins through death. With only a few select people knowing the truth, Lelouch dies, having succeeded in destroying and rebuilding the world. With Lelouch's death, the world improves significantly as the people act together for the sake of the future. The series ends with C.C. musing to herself how Geass condemns people to solitude, but in Lelouch's case, this was wrong, happily noting how he overcame his loneliness.


As the final battle rages outside Damocles, Nunnally opens her eyes and says Lelouch must be what a murderer looks like. She says she must look the same to him and explains that she fired FLEIJA to stop him, even if it meant killing him. She declares that he can't let him have the trigger, and Nunnally poses her question to Lelouch again: will he use Geass on her? Lelouch thinks about how he once wanted to use Geass to restore Nunnally's sight. Now, he doesn't want to because it would mean bending her will too. On the Damocles' outer hull, Gino's crippled Tristan Divider crashes on a lower platform. Above him, Kallen tells Suzaku that she misunderstood him because she thought he always cared about Japan, in his own way. Suzaku states that he and Lelouch have to do something, and she asks if he wants power so badly. Concluding that he does, Kallen declares that she will stop Suzaku and Lelouch. Suzaku's Geass activates, and their final battle begins. At Ashford Academy, Milly asks Rivalz if he's going to evacuate, but he points out there's no place to evacuate to. The two comfort each other over the situation and muse about how they simply wanted to have fun with their friends. In the sky, beneath the Damocles' shield, Jeremiah's Sutherland Sieg continues to fight with Anya's Mordred, Jeremiah criticizing Anya's acting without a master and Anya calling Jeremiah weak for relying on Lelouch.

Following this moment, over the next few minutes, the perspective shifts between several of the remaining living characters as they begin to discuss their final reasons for participating in the series' conflict, with some concluding statements posed by others (indirectly), as follows:

  • On the Leung Tan exterior, Chiba tries to stop Tohdoh, still injured after losing the Zangetsu, from taking off in a damaged Akatsuki. Tohdoh claims that he must fight, as that gives him the right to be a leader as well as to take responsibility for his actions thus far.
  • Back onboard the Damocles, Nunnally tells Lelouch that he has no right to control the world since he manipulated people's hearts as Zero. He asks her if she prefers a future where she lives in fear and assassins are always around the corner. Lelouch says he acted for the sake of Nunnally's future too, but she counters that she never asked him to do anything. She claims that she would have simply been happy to live with Lelouch, her brother countering that their lives are restricted by all kinds of obstacles, so they have no choice but to act.
  • Outside, as she fights Suzaku, Kallen adds to Lelouch's statement, and tells Suzaku that that is the reason why she fights as part of the resistance, to act against these obstacles. Suzaku retorts that she could've used the system to achieve her ideals. Kallen then destroys the Albion's Super VARIS with her Slash Harkens, calling Suzaku an elitist and questioning about what happens to those barred from the system. In response, Suzaku pulls out the Albion's MVSs and asks her to consider about those forced into the system, asking what is fair.
  • Back on the Leung Tan, Tohdoh tells Chiba that yielding to the ways of invaders means legitimizing them, and when she tries to stop him, he almost slaps her in anger. He apologizes, saying that this is the only way he knows how to live before he collapses, Chiba moving to aid him.
  • Aboard a rescue ship, Lihua cries, asking why people have to fight.
  • Li answers Lihua's question, stating that he fights because there is something he must protect, as he flies up towards the Damocles in his damaged Shen Hu.
  • Going back to Suzaku and Kallen, they destroy each other's Energy Wing Systems.
  • In her hospital bed, still with Guilford, Cornelia inwardly considers how people can no longer see any sense of dignity or morality in their warfare.
  • Outside Cornelia's room, Villetta muses how even if Cornelia's thoughts are correct, she had to belong somewhere.
  • Near Mt. Fuji, as he leads trucks carrying survivors from the Ikaruga to safety, Ohgi claims that he and his friends fought with the reason Villetta proposed - to have a place to belong - as their only motivation. He then thinks about Naoto, wondering if they had made the right choice.
  • Back on the Damocles, Kallen kicks Suzaku off of the outer hull.
  • Going back to the Leung Tan, this time in the hangar, Rakshata meets with Lloyd, Cecile, Nina, Sayoko, and Arthur, currently surrounded by armed Black Knight soldiers. Lloyd states that war is the mother of invention. Rakshata refutes this, claiming that Lloyd doesn't care about how his inventions affect mankind. She then turns to Nina and asks her what her stake in the struggle was. Nina claims that she was doing all she could, Cecile adding that they merely wanted to avert disaster. Rakshata acknowledges this, but then claims that humans are weak.
  • In a different hospital, Tamaki is being treated for his injuries and watched over by Ayame Futaba. He then sadly calls out about how he has dreams of his own, but now no one says he has any rights to them and that he's always being treated as a fool. Ayame then tries to comfort him.
  • C.C. stands upon the ejected cockpit of the destroyed Lancelot Frontier, now floating atop the Pacific Ocean. As she looks up at the Damocles, she states how she has seen, many times over, that human history is comprised of repeated struggle. She states that, "Even so..."
  • Suzaku completes this thought, stating that the world and its people will never be how they desire. Kallen then asks if this means he intends to force them to do so as she knocks away his MVSs using her Slash Harkens, telling Suzaku, "That's..."
  • Nunnally concludes Kallen's thought and the chain of thoughts, saying "That's despicable", referring to Lelouch's utilizing of Geass, a power that bend the wills of others and violates their dignity.

Continuing now on just Lelouch and Nunnally, the former retorts to his sister about the Damocles, asking if the flying fortress is any different than Geass since it's a vile system that subjugates people. Nunnally answers that Damocles will become the symbol of everyone's hatred; by focusing the people's hatred on it, the world can embrace the future. Lelouch realizes that she is trying to execute the same idea as him, in almost the exact same way. Accepting this and making up his mind, Lelouch uses Geass on Nunnally, using his powers for one final time to order her to hand over the Damocles key. Nunnally briefly tries to resist the order, as Euphemia did before, but eventually the Geass takes over and she complies with a smile.

In the skies, the Sutherland Sieg is blasted by Anya's Hadron Cannons, so Jeremiah ejects in his orange Sutherland as the Siegfried parts around it explode. Jeremiah grapples onto the Mordred, breaking through its Blaze Luminous before self-destructing his machine, blasting open the Mordred's cockpit. Jumping free, he then lands on the cockpit, brandishing his blade at Anya. Declaring his victory, Jeremiah says Anya should engrave his name in her memories, but she tells him there's no point, beginning to cry and claiming she has no memories. Realizing what may have happened to Anya, Jeremiah uses his Geass Canceller on her.

From his perch on the Damocles, Gino tries to reactivate the Tristan Divider. Nearby, the Guren's Radiant Wave Surger and the Albion's Blaze Luminous both run out of power, forcing Suzaku and Kallen to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Suzaku realizes that even with his Geass he can't beat Kallen, proclaiming her strength to be unimaginable. Kallen, noting how the Guren is technically stronger than the Albion, similarly wonders why she can't beat him. Kallen smashes her Surger arm into the Albion's right leg, yelling how justice isn't on Suzaku's side. Suzaku uses his Slash Harkens to sever the Guren's right arm and head, causing it to shut down. As Kallen is shocked that she seemingly failed to beat Suzaku, he then reveals that she did, revealing that the Guren's left hand pierced the midsection of the Lancelot. Giving a small smile, Kallen loses consciousness as the Guren falls from Damocles, just as the Albion explodes, seemingly killing Suzaku. Gino then saves Kallen using the remaining half of the Tristan Divider, silently congratulating her on her victory.

Lelouch then speaks to Nunnally, though she can't hear him due to the Geass, before taking the Damocles key. He says that Nunnally now lives by her own principles, without others' help, so he is now free to realize his destiny. He thanks her and tells her that he loves her before releasing the Geass. Nunnally then sees Lelouch with the key, expressing shock that he used Geass against her. He then walks away, Nunnally attempting to chase Lelouch but failing because of her disability. As she falls down the stairs, she says that Lelouch has become a demon, asking how he can be so cruel before she breaks down in tears as he leaves.

Back over the Pacific, Kaguya and a team of ships intercepts C.C. She tells C.C. that Suzaku has been reported dead, and asks if she intends to beg for her life, if only for Suzaku's sake. C.C. then tells Kaguya that despite not knowing Lelouch's true face until recently, she was able to grasp some of Lelouch's true nature. Seeing this, C.C. complements her, concluding that Kaguya is genuinely very kind. As Kaguya briefly considers this, Lelouch launches a FLEIJA. He then addresses the entire world, saying that because Schneizel has surrendered to him, he now controls FLEIJA and Damocles. With the fortress and its leaders under his control, Lelouch states that even the Black Knights can no longer oppose him. Stating that anyone who resists him will be crushed by FLEIJA, Lelouch finally declares himself ruler of the world. Atop the Mordred, with Anya unconscious, Jeremiah calls out "All hail Lelouch!", with the rest of Lelouch's army joining in with him.

Two months later, Lelouch, now emperor of the world, leads a royal convoy to oversee the execution of the Black Knights and the U.F.N. leaders, including Kallen, Li, and everyone who fought against Lelouch. The convoy also includes Schneizel dressed in rags and even Nunnally in chains. A TV reporter comments that many people were lost during the war, including the citizens of Pendragon and the loyal Knight of Zero, Suzaku. He then goes on to state that in the months since then, Lelouch became Chairman of the U.F.N. Supreme Council and CEO of the Black Knights. With the Britannian Empire ratifying the U.F.N. charter, Lelouch finally succeeded in uniting the world under his control. The people in the crowds comment that Lelouch is just a tyrant who kills anyone who disobeys him. From the crowd, Rivalz wonders if controlling the world is what Lelouch really wanted to accomplish, while Milly is in a news station, her co-workers complaining about how they have to call Lelouch's actions "justice".

Meanwhile, the scientific heads of both the Black Knights and the Britannians, along with Sayoko, are holed up in prison. Rakshata mocks Lelouch's former accomplices there as being not very smart, stating that they chose a poor time to disobey Lelouch. Nina states that it was done for the future. Cecile adds that they all must advance into the future via continual triumphs and defeats, claiming that like science, people advance in the same way. Lloyd summarizes Cecile's explanation as the meaning of evolution, but Rakshata terms it as progress. Lloyd then briefly muses about Rakshata's nickname for him, asking if she's still bitter towards him, with his rival replying that she might be. Nina asks Cecile if anything happened between the two scientists. Cecile doesn't explain what it was, but says that it was something completely unimportant, and that it was merely a starting point for Lloyd, Cecile, and Rakshata.

In a building near the convoy, Cornelia, Villetta, and Guliford are holed up with a few other soldiers. Villetta tries to run outside when she spots Ohgi with the prisoners, but Cornelia stops her and says them going outside now is what Lelouch wants. The Vincent Wards at the front of the convoy stop to scan something up ahead, and the crowd is shocked to see Zero. Kallen and the others don't understand because Lelouch is right there next to him. As they consider this, C.C. is shown praying in a chapel, and Kallen suddenly realizes the truth of Lelouch's plan. Zero runs and easily avoids gunfire from the Vincent Wards, jumping over them. Jeremiah then tries to fight him, but Zero uses him as a foothold to jump up to where Lelouch is. As he falls, Jeremiah secretly gives him a small smile, inwardly telling him, "Onward, masked knight." Zero then jumps over Schneizel and Nunnally, and finally arrives at the throne. Lelouch pulls out a gun, but Zero knocks it aside with a sword, the same elaborate sword that Lelouch used to address his troops before the Battle of Mt. Fuji.

Lelouch then smiles and recalls an earlier conversation with Suzaku, saying that Suzaku must promise to kill him. Suzaku asks Lelouch if he really intends to do this, and Lelouch replies that the entire world hates him now, as per his plan. As such, the final step of the plan is to erase Lelouch's existence and end the cycle of hatred. Lelouch then gives Suzaku the Zero mask. He tells Suzaku that the legend of Zero lives on in the hearts of the Black Knights, and at the same time, Schneizel would also serve Zero. As a result, the world would come together through negotiation instead of subjugation, completing the Zero Requiem. Suzaku considers how they both realized the truth of mankind's desire for the future in C's World. Lelouch then comments that Geass power is like a wish. He likens it to a request to someone else to acquire power to complete something they can't do alone. As such, Lelouch says that he'll grant a wish called Geass to the entire world, for the world's future. C.C. cries as she prays, saying how Lelouch will pay a hefty price for the Geass he intends to grant. Lelouch concludes his previous conversation with his quote at the series opening: "The only ones who should kill are those prepared to be killed."

In the present, Lelouch thinks to himself that Suzaku will now become a hero by becoming Zero and removing the world's enemy: Lelouch. Suzaku, dressed as Zero, plunges his sword through Lelouch's chest, shocking the crowd. Suzaku cries under the mask, and Lelouch silently whispers to him his final punishment for his actions: he would live on as Zero, acting in the name of truth and justice, and abandon his life as "Suzaku Kururugi". He would sacrifice the pleasures of his normal life for the sake of the world, for the rest of his life. Suzaku accepts this Geass, i.e. mankind's wish, and Lelouch tumbles down the stage to where Nunnally is. She touches him and senses the truth of Lelouch's actions, that Lelouch planned his own death to create a better world. She then tells Lelouch that she loves him. In his final thoughts, Lelouch comments that he had finally destroyed the world, and created it anew. A montage of the events of Lelouch's life then plays out rapidly in reverse, the last sight being of him, Nunnally, and Suzaku as children, and Lelouch gives a peaceful smile as he finally dies. Nunnally cries, begging him to open his eyes. Declaring that Lelouch is dead, Cornelia sends in her forces to free the prisoners as Jeremiah orders a retreat. Tohdoh then appears to begin catching on to what was happening. Kallen, beginning to cry herself, assertively states to him that the one who killed Lelouch is Zero, simply Zero. Nunnally continues to mourn for Lelouch, saying that all she needed to be happy was to simply share her future with him, continuing to cry in his arms as the crowd continues to cheer for Zero.

The epilogue is narrated by Kallen, who returns to being a student in Japan and caring for her mother as she recovers. She thinks to herself how the world has improved because people are working to fight poverty and hunger instead of going to war. She muses on how many evils and atrocities have been blamed on Lelouch, thinking that it was easier for the world to recognize the name of one man instead of a system called Damocles. Kallen notes how she's simplifying these events, but claims that because of that, even though there are many problems left to solve, people live for the future now. It is then revealed that Nunnally became Empress of Britannia, assisted by Zero and a Geass-controlled Schneizel. She is shown to be meeting with Ohgi, now Prime Minister of the United States of Japan, in a conference Milly reports on. Villetta is revealed to be married to Ohgi and pregnant as well, watching the news inside Tamaki's newly opened bar. Jeremiah and Anya now live together, cultivating an orange farm.

Meanwhile, deep in outer space, the Damocles drifts into the sun and is finally destroyed. The epilogue ends with C.C, dressed in traditional Italian tarantella clothes, traveling on top of a hay cart with her signature toy, across the countryside. Knowing that Lelouch did not hate her for giving him the Geass, she is now able to show her true feelings, and with the realization of "Zero Requiem", her time with Lelouch, who was able to forgive and accept her, came to an end, but the memories created with him has, without doubt, saved her from eternal loneliness. She ends the series with a smile, saying that Geass, the power of kings, is supposed to bring loneliness, yet Lelouch overcame such loneliness, the last line of the show being her asking "Right, Lelouch?" The final shot is one of a pink paper crane, representing the wish for a gentle world, Zero Requiem, offering comfort to C.C, and marking the end of the series.

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  • "When you follow the methods of an aggressor, then you're only serving to legitimize them." -Tohdoh
  • "It may be that we can no longer find morality or a sense of dignity in our warfare." -Cornelia
  • "I've seen it before. I've seen it over and over. Human history is one of struggle." -C.C.
  • "The Damocles will become a symbol of their hatred. All their hatred will be focused here. That way, people can move toward the future." -Nunnally reveals her idea for helping the world
  • "Lelouch vi Britannia commands you! Hand over the Damocles key to me NOW!" -Lelouch's final command using Geass power, directed to Nunnally
  • "You've become a demon, Lelouch! Despicable! Cowardly! How can you? How can you be so cruel?" -Nunnally
  • "Attention, entire world! Hear my proclamation! I am Lelouch vi Britannia, emperor of the Holy Britannian empire and your only ruler! (...) Schneizel has surrendered to me. As a result of this, I am now in control of both the Damocles and the F.L.E.I.J.A. weapons. And even the Black Knights no longer possess the strength to oppose me now. If anyone dares to resist my supreme authority, they shall know the devastating power of the F.L.E.I.J.A.s. Those who could challenge my military rule no longer exist. Yes, from this day, from this moment forward, the world belongs to me! Lelouch vi Britannia commands you! Obey me, subjects! OBEY ME, WORLD!" -Lelouch
  • Conversation between Lelouch and Suzaku
    • "Suzaku, you have to kill me. You must promise." - Lelouch
    • "You're going through with this? No matter what?" - Suzaku
    • "As planned, the hatred of the whole world is directly upon me. And now the only thing that remains is to get rid of me and finally break the cycle of hatred. The legend of Zero isn't dead. It lives within the hearts of the Black Knights. Schneizel will serve Zero also. With this, the world will gather not for an exchange of force but an exchange of open dialogue around one table. Mankind will be able to move forward into the future." - Lelouch
    • "And that..." - Suzaku
    • "Yes..." - Lelouch
    • " the Zero Requiem." -Suzaku
    • "We both realized it back in C's World. We knew how humanity was longing for the future." - Suzaku
    • "Hey, Suzaku, Geass power is similar to a wish don't you think? It's a request to someone to give you the power to achieve what you can't on your own." - Lelouch
    • "A wish? No." - Suzaku
    • "Yes, and I'm going to grant a wish called Geass to all the people everywhere. For the future of the entire world. (...) The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed. Suzaku, you're going to be a hero now. The messiah who saved the world from Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia, the enemy of the world. As Zero." - Lelouch
    • "Lelouch...!" -Suzaku
    • "The punishment for what you've done shall be this then; you will live on, always wearing that mask serving as a knight for justice and truth. You will no longer live your life as "Suzaku Kururugi". You shall sacrifice the ordinary pleasures of your life for the benefit of the world, for eternity." -Lelouch
    • "This Geass...I do solemnly accept." - Suzaku
  • (Lelouch fell to Nunnally)
  • "Lelouch? Are you...?" - Nunnally

(Lelouch is silent and looks out forward with a sad smile on his face)

(Nunnally gasps and puts her hand on Lelouch)

(Nunnally visionalizes Lelouch and Suzaku putting the plan in action)

  • "You mean...everything you've done until now? (Places Lelouch's hand to her cheek as tears fell from her eyes) Oh, big brother! I love you!" - Nunnally
  • "Yes, I...I destroy the world...and create it...anew." - Lelouch's final thoughts
  • "I said that Geass was the power of the king which would condemn you to a life of solitude. I think, maybe, that's not quite correct. Right, Lelouch?" - C.C.


  • The episode's title is a play on words:  "Re;" both serves as a pun on "Rei," the Japanese word for zero, and symbolizes, with the semicolon in the title, the continuation of Zero's legacy rather than its end. In Italian, Re means "king",
  • In the episode, Viletta is five months pregnant.