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Rakshata Chawla (ラクシャータ チャウラー, Rakushāta Chaurā; रक्षता चावला, Rakshtha Chāvla), 28 years old (29 at R2), is an Indian scientist and the head of the Black Knights' research and development team.


Rakshata is a very tall, attractive woman with bright blonde hair almost as long as C.C.'s. She has fair brown skin, in addition to a purple bindi on her forehead. Her eyebrows and lips are also thin and slanted.

Rakshata is normally seen wearing a revealing pink tank top along with brown pants and a white lab coat. She is never seen without her thin, brown kiseru pipe, which she typically holds at the tip with her fingers as if holding a conductor's baton.


Rakshata is a calm person, she almost always maintains a cool and seemingly carefree attitude no matter what the situation and is never seen without her trademark tobacco pipe. She is on quite good terms with Zero and several of her colleagues in the Black Knights. Despite her efficiency, Rakshata is very laid back and easy going, usually seen laying on a couch when not actively working (and sometimes even when she is actively working). She even has one installed on the bridge of the Black Knights' flagship, the Ikaruga.

Rakshata is not fond of speaking of the past for unknown reasons. She is very proud of her accomplishments especially when seeing them perform to their fullest, and has been shown several times to be quite intelligent and perceptive, though these traits also give Rakshata a certain amount of arrogance. She affectionately refers to her technological creations as her "children" and treats them with such care, she also becomes enraged when others carelessly mishandle or tamper with them without her permission.

In Oz the Reflection, it is mentioned that the reason that Rakshata entered the field of military technology was in the hope of ending wars, and that she had hardened her heart to do so.

Character Outline[]

A scientist hailing from the Military District of India, little has been revealed of Rakshata's past but it is known that she studied at the Imperial Colchester Institute. Rakshata has extensive experience in various fields including medical cybernetics, and appears to have been an academy acquaintance of Lloyd Asplund and Cécile Croomy. When India chose to grant support to the Black Knights, Rakshata was recruited to head research and development for the growing rebellion. Throughout the series, Rakshata acts the Knights' answer to Lloyd and Camelot.

Character History[]

First Season[]

Rakshata and her team

Rakshata and her team.

Rakshata makes her first appearance to meet with Zero and the Black Knights, whom she and India had already been supporting for some time. After meeting Zero, she gives the Four Holy Swords and Tohdoh the newly created Gekka, along with suits that increase life expectancy. After Tohdoh was rescued, Zero decides to restructure the Black Knights knowing that they are growing in number. He appoints Rakshata as head of research and development which she comments with "Who else?"

Following the announcements of the restructure, Zero decides to capture Suzaku when he is with Euphemia on Shikine Island. Zero lures Suzaku into a sandpit that has been surrounded by Rakshata's newly developed Gefjun Disturber that immobilizes the Lancelot. However, she mentions that the endurance and range need more work. Zero goes missing along with Kallen, Suzaku and Euphemia after Schneizel gives the order to fire at them. The Black Knights members are distraught and separated in terms of what to do with Zero missing. Due to Rakshata's Gefjun Distruber which also has a byproduct of a stealth system allows the Black Knights to wait for Zero to make contact.

Zero and Kallen are able to return along with a stolen Gawain. During the Battle for Kyushu, Zero appears to help Suzaku by using the Gawain's Hadron Cannon which

Rakshata ordering the Black Knights to ceasefire

Rakshata ordering the Black Knights to ceasefire.

was revealed to be able to converge with Rakshata integrating her Gefjun Disturber.

During the Assault on Tokyo Settlement, Rakshata is seen at Ashford Academy attempting to dismantle the Lancelot which is once again trapped in her Gefjun Disturber. However, Nina appears with the Ganymede which has a prototype nuclear fission bomb attached to it forcing Lloyd to tell everybody to ceasefire. Hearing him sound so scared, has Rakshata reinforce the order to all members of the Black Knights.

Second Season[]

It is revealed that Rakshata was able to escape capture after the failed rebellion when Zero announced that he has returned. After the Black Knights have regrouped, Zero decides to capture the newly appointed viceroy of Area 11, Nunnally vi Britannia. Rakshata is able to save Kallen by introducing her newly developed, Air Glide System which allowed the Guren Mk-II to upgrade into the Guren Flight-Enabled Version.

Rakshata with Llyod, Cecile, Nina and Sayoko

Rakshata questioning Lloyd and the others.

Upon the formation of the UFN and the reorganization of the Black Knights as its military force, Rakshata is designated as the Chief of Science, similar to her previous position within the Black Knights. She reacts to the Black Knights' betrayal of Zero with apathy, more concerned with the aftermath. During the Battle of Mt. Fuji, Rakshata appears with Lloyd and the others, questioning them on why they decided to betray Lelouch.

She is captured and imprisoned along with the rest of the Black Knights after the fall of second prince Schniezel. While incarcerated, she argues with Lloyd over the nature of progress. After Lelouch's death, Rakshata is freed along with everyone else. She is last seen amongst Ohgi and Viletta's wedding guests.


Like her former classmate Lloyd, Rakshata is a genius scientist with several exceptional technologies at her disposal. Throughout the series, Rakshata acts as the Black Knights' answer to Britannia's Lloyd, with her technology, primarily revolving around Knightmares, acting to level the playing field against the Britannian Empire.

Rakshata's most commonly utilized creation is the Radiant Wave Technology, a heat-based series of weapons designed to oppose Knightmares by causing a chain reaction in them, which usually results in the parts expanding and eventually exploding, likely due to liquids or materials present within a Knightmare Frame. The most recognized application of this technology is the powerful Radiant Wave Surger ( 輻射波動, fukushahadō, lit. radiation surge), the signature weapon of the Guren, also created by Rakshata, which acts as a rival to Lloyd's Lancelot. Many of the Knightmares the Black Knights would come to utilize were born from Rakshata's work, including the Guren, Gekka, Zangetsu, Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan, Akatsuki Mass-Production Model, and the Shinkirō. Rakshata also created the Revolving Blade Sword and Brake Sword, powerful melee-type weapons that acted as answers to Britannia's Maser Vibration Sword.

Over time, Rakshata adapted the Radiant Wave Technology she first built for the Guren into more powerful and diverse variants for different combat scenarios. For the Guren Flight-Enabled Version, Rakshata fitted it with a Armor-Piercing Bombardment-Type Radiation Wave Unit. This new type of Wave Surger was capable of not only short-range blasts, but also long-range radiation beams and wide-range radiation bursts. For the Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan, she outfitted it with Radiant Wave Missiles, making the weapon safer for use by implanting it as an armament separate from the Knightmares. She also adapted the Radiant Wave Technology into a shielding system similar to Britannia's Blaze Luminous. The heat-based shielding is capable of dissolving bullets and even stopping particle-based weaponry like the V.A.R.I.S. Rifle. This type of shielding was incorporated not only into Knightmares, but also the Black Knights' flagship, the Ikaruga.

After the Radiant Wave Technology, Rakshata's most recognized invention is the Gefjun Disturber (ゲフィオンディスターバー, Gefion Disutaabaa), a force field generator that disables all Sakuradite-powered technology within its area of effect. This device was continually upgraded as the series progressed, to the point where, in the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement, several of them were able to bring the entire Tokyo Settlement to a complete halt. Beginning with the Guren Flight-Enabled Version, Rakshata introduced a mobile variant of the Disturber called the "Gefjun Net". While Britannia was able to develop a resistance to the Disturber for 7th-Generation-and-above Knightmares, it proved to be more than a useful tool for the Black Knights.

When the war spread to the Chinese Federation, it was revealed that Rakshata had also created the Knightmare Frame Shen Hu. The Shen Hu possessed multiple unique weapon systems, including dagger-shaped Slash Harkens that could be used as makeshift flails and shields, releasing electrical surges along its Slash Harkens, and the powerful Baryon Cannon particle beam. It was fitted with the Air Glide System as well. According to Rakshata, the Shen Hu was made as such a powerful unit that it was thought that no human could ever pilot it, until Li Xingke managed to do so.

During the war between Britannia and the Black Knights, Rakshata also got the opportunity to work with experimental Britannian technology, much of which was created by her rival Lloyd. The first sample of this was the prototype model Gawain, which was captured by Lelouch and Kallen. In studying the Gawain, Rakshata was introduced to the Hadron Cannon, Druid System, and Float System. Rakshata upgraded the Gawain using her Gefjun Disturber, using it to control the blooming effect of its Hadron Cannons, making it far more destructive. The Disturber also gave the Gawain a "Stealth System" as a side effect, its natural properties rendering it invisible to radar. In Code Geass R2, Rakshata was able to develop a similar Float System called the Air Glide System for the Black Knights' Knightmares.

After the Gawain was wrecked due to its battle with the Siegfried, its Hadron Cannons and Druid System were salvaged. Rakshata incorporated the Cannons into the flagship Ikaruga, while also making them much more powerful and with much wider range, creating the "Scatter Hadron Cannon". The Ikaruga was also fitted with experimental Harken Boosters for its Slash Harkens. She also incorporated the Cannons, along with the Druid System, into the Knightmare Frame Shinkirō. The Druid System was employed in the Shinkirō as a control system for its unique Absolute Defense System, creating a machine that was meant to play on Lelouch's strengths as his personal unit within the Black Knights. The Shinkirō was also capable of transforming into a Fortress Mode, being, alongside the Britannian Frame Tristan, the series' only transformable Knightmare.

When Rolo Lamperouge defected to the Black Knights, bringing the Vincent with him, the prototype unit was turned over to Rakshata. Rakshata modified the unit with the Air Glide System and the same hand gun given to the Akatsuki. When Jeremiah Gottwald was recruited, Rakshata applied the Glide System to the Purist Sutherland he was given. Following the Assault on the Geass Order, when the Siegfried was destroyed, its wreckage was salvaged and turned over to Rakshata. Rakshata combined the remains with Jeremiah's Sutherland to create the Sutherland Sieg, adding the Radiant Wave Shielding and a Hyper-Velocity Cannon to it, even managing to rebuild the Siegfried's original neural control interface for Jeremiah's use. When Gino Weinberg defected to the Black Knights, Rakshata modified and upgraded his Tristan into the Tristan Divider. The Divider was given an Air Glide System as well as two powerful MVS swords, created from the salvaged halves of the MVS Excalibur equipped to the Galahad, which had been sliced in two by Suzaku and the Lancelot Albion.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Code Geass: Oz The Reflection[]

Rakshata makes several appearances in Oz the Reflection, giving Orpheus missions she requests, such as requesting his aid in destroying a Sakuradite mining facility. In addition, she also gives Orpheus the prototype for her Air Glide Wings.

She appears to also have a history with Ganabati, as she mentions that she doesn't need to worry about the Byakuen if he is the one looking after it.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection[]

During Rakshata's first appearance in the movie, she is revealed to have a younger sister. During the time of peace, Rakshata was shown to have gathered together numerous child prodigies as her protégé‘s in developing new technologies and Knightmares for the Black Knights and the United Federation of Nations. Rakshata’s own younger sister, Shanti is also among this group of gifted children.