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The Quinn Roses Model-Z is a new Knightmare Frame created by the Black Knights during the Kowa Era. It acts as the personal Knightmare Frame of Cornelia li Britannia in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection.

Design and Development[]

This Knightmare Frame was created for the personal use of Cornelia, her having become a lieutenant within the Black Knights during the Kowa Era, following the Zero Requiem. Her second-in-command, Guilford, was given the UPI-15/B Quinn Roses Model-B. The Model-Z's design is highly evocative of the personalized Gloucester Cornelia possessed at the beginning of the series, implying that this unit may be a successor to the Gloucester Knightmare design. Like Cornelia's previous machine, it bears two horn-like antenna arrays on its head and a white cape, along with the chest-mounted Slash Harkens. It carries the symbol of the Black Knights on its chest.

In battle, it employs the same armaments used by Cornelia on her personal Gloucester during her time in serving Britannia, including the coilgun-based Assault Rifle and the EM Jousting Lance. In an upgrade from the original Lance, the model used by the Model-Z, which was also given to the Model-B, is capable of generating a Blaze Luminous field. It also utilizes a new, experimental thruster system called the "Magic Jet". The Magic Jet increases the model's maneuverability by allowing it to change direction in midair.

Operational History[]

During the invasion of Zilkhstan, Cornelia piloted this unit as she led her forces to assault the capital, Gralbahd. They were confronted by Bolvona Forgnar and his men. Cornelia took on Forgnar and his Gun Du Goon one-on-one. Taking the upper hand, she pinned Forgnar down. The Generalissimo ordered his men to fire on and destroy them both in a last-ditch effort to stop Cornelia, but the men were unable to follow this order.

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