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Principality of Britannia
Type Republic
Prince Schneizel el Britannia
Capital Pendragon
Population Unknown, but dramatically less when compared to the Britannian Empire
Status Active and member-state of UFN
Preceded by HBEHoly Britannian Empire
Succeeded by UFNUnited Federation of Nations (member-state)
Real World Countries
North America

The Principality of Britannia (also referred to as Britannia)(2018 a.t.b.-Present) is the succesor state to the Holy Britannian Empire following its dissolution, established following a series of political reforms conducted after the Zero Requiem. It is regarded as one of the great powers of the United Federation of Nations, holding a similar amount of influence as the founding members of the United States of China and the United States of Japan.


After the Zero Requiem, it is unclear how much land Britannia retains from the former Holy Britannian Empire. However, it can be assumed that it at least contains the homeland located in North America. With the reveal in Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture, a portion of mainland Britannia split-off and became one of the few nations not part of the UFN. This territory comprise the south-east of North America, specifically Florida, a portion of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland[1].

Due to both Lelouch vi Britannia's and Nunnally vi Britannia's desire to reform the Holy Britannian Empire into something more tolerant, it can be assumed that the Principality no longer holds the majority of the former Areas, letting them have their independence.

Major Cities[]

The capital of the Principality is Pendragon, which was destroyed by Schneizel using a F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead fired from the flying fortress of Damocles and later rebuilt.[2]



After the Zero Requiem, the Holy Britannian Empire is reformed into the more democratically led Principality of Britannia. Schneizel el Britannia becomes the first, official ruling prince of the Principality. 

Kowa Era[]

The Principality has assisted the United Federation of Nations with the crisis regarding the Kingdom of Zilkhstan, especially since Schneizel has invested personal interest with rescuing Nunnally, doing everything he can as the Chief of Staff of the UFN. He sent Cornelia li Britannia with a small number of troops to monitor the region while sending Kallen StadtfeldLloyd Asplund, and Sayoko Shinozaki to infiltrate Zilkhstan for information.[3]


The Principality is stated to be a Republic, though the Royal Family shares power with a democratic body. The remaining members of the royal family seem to still have considerable influence, with Princess Nunnally able to push the legislature for certain policies despite having no direct power in any official capacity in the nation.

The Prince/Princess is the head of state of Britannia, while the Prime Minister is the head of government. Schneizel is currently the ruling Prince, as well as the first. It is unclear how much power the head of state shares with the head of government and Parliament; however, the masked leader Zero holds immense power in decision making, working as a close attaché to Nunnally vi Britannia and as the "power behind the throne" in the shadow of a Geassed Schneizel.


The culture of the Principality is very unique and diverse, with many cultural roots traced back to various regions of Europe due to the flight of the nobility caused by liberal revolutions. English still serves as the primary language despite the diversity present.

Britannia is a very advanced nation at the forefront of the scientific community.

The nation has a strong tradition of chivalry and honour, but it is unknown how much of the knighthood structure remains after the reforms.

The status of the Knights of the Round is unclear, although since under the United States Charter as a member nation of the U.F.N the Principality of Britannia is not allowed to have a independent military force it can be assumed the Knights of the Round as a group were disbanded. The Glinda Knights on the other hand were given the task of keeping on eye on the Order of the Black Knights implying that the Glinda Knights now fall under U.F.N jurisdiction and not just Britannian jurisdiction. It appears that most Britannians are still loyal to the royalty.


It is unclear how religion plays out in society. One can assume that the increase in tolerance would mean that Britannia is largely secular. However, due to historical reasons, the Principality would largely be Christian.

In any case, religion is not a major force in Britannian society.


As a member of the United Federation of Nations, Britannia does not possess its own military. For the most part, it appears that all military operations are conducted by the Black Knights as according to the founding documents of the UFN. However, the Glinda Knights exist as an independent force and even serve to help audit the Black Knights as per the wishes of Zero who does not wish for too much power to be concentrated in one organization.

Many former members of Britannia's military now operate as members of the Black Knights, including Cornelia li Britannia, Gilbert G.P. Guilford and Gino Weinberg.


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