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The Portman II (ポートマンII, Pōtoman II) is an amphibious Knightmare Frame fielded by Britannia in 2018 a.t.b. It largely replaced the original Portman as the primary naval Knightmare, but is also capable of land and air combat. Portman IIs are first seen being deployed en masse by Suzaku Kururugi in an attempt to capture the Black Knights, but this failed as a plan set in motion by Zero destroyed most, if not all, of the Portman IIs deployed as well as Britannia's surface fleet. Some Portman II were later seen failing to shoot down the Shinkiro after Zero's identity and Geass were revealed. During the Battle of Mt. Fuji, a single Portman II was part of Lelouch's squad when he infiltrated Damocles, but it was destroyed by the Blaze Luminous shielding of the fortress as it was the last in the group to try to make it through the temporary hole Lelouch had created using his Absolute Defense System.

Design and Specifications[]

The Portman II was created after the success of the initial Portman. An advanced version of the Portman design. Significant improvements were made. Mainly in the upper body to reduce drag underwater, It is considerably faster and more specialized than its predecessor and more heavily armed with the use Eight Vertical Launch System located in the rear, capable of conducting surface-air attack unlike the original, the Portman II adds an extra pair of forearm-mounted turbines on its design and replaces the three-fingered claws with smaller five-digit hands making it now possible of equipping portable knightmare frame's weapons. It can be fitted with an optional Float Unit backpack, consequentially changing the machine designation to RMI-U14FA Portman II Air.


General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Chest-mounted Slash Harkens
  • 4x Torpedo launchers (Head-mounted OR Shoulder-mounted)
  • 8x Vertical Launch Tube

Optional Armaments



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