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A unit of the fourth generation of Knightmare Frames, the RMI-13 Portman (ポートマン, Pōtoman) is the first amphibious Knightmare to be produced. The Portman is specially created to fill the role of a Knightmare Frame unit for the Britannian Navy.

Design and Specifications[]

An Amphibious KMF mainly used by the Britannian Military. Capable of exhibiting high degree of underwater mobility by using the two water jet engines located on the left and right side of the cockpit compartment and another two built inside of the legs. While engaging in underwater cruising mode.

Much of its outward design is made with hydrodynamics as first priority and it is capable of transforming into a Cruiser Mode. In addition to the standard Slash Harkens, the Portman has a set of torpedo launchers mounted in its shoulders, and a hydro jet pack mounted on its back. Though intended to operate primarily underwater, the Portman can also be used on land with the use of its landspinner, though its speed and combat skills are comparable to the Glasgow. Near the end of season 2, the Portman hardly makes any appearance and is now possibly being replaced by the Portman II. In its designation, RMI stands for the Royal Marine Infantry.

Special Equipment[]

  • Underwater Torpedo. Equipped with twin torpedo launchers on each shoulders. While in underwater mode the shoulder armor is deployed exposing the launchers to water so it can be fired.
  • Manipulator.


General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Chest-mounted Slash Harkens
  • 4x Shoulder-mounted Torpedo launchers


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