Leader(s) V.V. (currently)

Oiaguro Zevon (formerly)
Olivia Zevon (deceased)

Notable Members
Serverous (Deceased)
Typhon Ladon (Deceased)
Sharon Tragitto (Deceased)
Hyde Snape
Thomas Rath
The Pluton ( プルトン , Puruton ) is a secret organization of the Holy Britannian Empire that has carried out black operations for the Britannian Imperial Family for generations. It is led by the Zevon noble family, and was under the leadership of Oiaguro Zevon. Some time after, Oiaguro abandons his position, and V.V. takes control of the organization.

Organization HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Pluton except that it undertakes secret and dirty jobs for the royal family. One such job was attacking a village in southern Hungary and killing all it's inhabitants to eliminate two escaped test subjects from the Geass Order, Orpheus Zevon and his lover Euliya.

After V.V.'s death, it is likely possible that Charles took over it until their fate.

Gallery Edit

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