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Playing Strangers
Audio Drama 16
"Playing Strangers"
Original Release Date June 27th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
Brown Agony A Woman's Battle

Stage 15.447 takes place after Lelouch used his Geass on Shirley and removed her memories of him.


Shirley talks to Lelouch for a moment and assigns him a few tasks before heading out the door. It is obvious that she still does not remember who he is. Milly Ashford encourages both of them before Lelouch gets up and leaves too.

Rivalz Cardemonde comments that they are really into the playing strangers thing and that it must be a pretty serious argument with them. He then says that Milly must really like playing make-believe and tries to get Milly to play along with him. After some hesitance she joins in. They get to know each other a little and Milly says her favorite color is rainbow so that she isn't confined to just one color. Rivalz compliments her on her experience in make-believe.

Rivalz then starts getting really into it but Kallen Kōzuki bursts in to feed Arthur before Rivalz can profess his love. Kallen feigns being sick so that she can leave without too many questions and Rivalz tries to tell Milly he likes her when Suzaku Kururugi bursts in to feed the cat just like Kallen did. Suzaku slinks away and then it is revealed that Nina Einstein has been there the whole time. Rivalz kind of professes his love as Nina shrinks away. Rivalz makes one last attempt to tell her about his love but fails yet again. Milly thanks Rivalz for the memories and starts assigning him a bunch of work to do.