Pierre Anou was the former commander of the W-0 unit and the former superior officer of Leila Malcal.

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He cared very little for the Japanese troops under his command, and used them for suicide missions, mainly using them as kamikaze weapons, and referring them as elevens. His actions caused him to be disliked by many of his subordinates, particularly Leila, who on one mission stood up to him. He mocked her for her actions and aimed his gun at her, but she used her geass, that allowed her to know that he wouldn't shoot. When he attempted to shoot, Leila used her unarmed combat to over power him. He was relieved of command and sent to the Warsaw supply squad, by general Gene Smilas.

However, while Leila was in Warsaw, Anou used his position in the supply squad to cause Leila and her squads credit and identity in their dog tags to be unrecognizable, as revenge. However he did not bother to hide his actions, and because of this Yukiya Naruse, a member of W-0 squad, found out of his action. Yukiya restored their dog tags, and in revenge caused Anou's dog tags to lose its credit, and identity.

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