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The Pendulum (ペンデュラム ) is a Knightmare Frame that appears in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories, piloted by the protagonist.

Design and Development[]

The Pendulum was originally a Knightmare Frame secretely developed by Disel industries, under Carly Disel's personal command as the sister unit to her Magdala. It remained incomplete until it was taken by the protagonist per escaping Carly's clutches, and becoming the latter's new personal unit where Clarice Garfield (after a brief reunion) completed the remaining rouches.

Its specifications are described to be par with the Lancelot Conquista, being armed with double Maser Vibration Swords and equipped with a Blaze Luminous generator and Float System. Distinctively, the unit's special feature is its "Revolver System" where its revolve clockwise its arms to shift battle modes between "Air Arms" and "Blast Arms". The "Air Arms" mode is specialized towards its special "V-Maximum" dash attacks, damaging anything in its charge path with the Luminous Cone field, while the "Blast Arms" mode is focused towards long-range where it fires its "Vortex Blast" Hadron Cannons.

Operational History[]




  • Its official name relates to the game theme of the same name.
  • The game classified Pendulum as a unit of The Order of the Black Knights despite not being relate to them.
  • Prior to official release of its design, it is colored blue as originally debuted in the opening animation of the R1 arc, before making its official appearance in the R2 arc with a changed color scheme of red.
    • The implication of its color alteration is later referred in the game story from affiliation change from the antagonist to the protagonist.