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Peace Mark is a terrorist-deployment organization from Code Geass: Oz the Reflection. Peace Mark has a worldwide network of contacts and encourages resistance against Britannia in any country that it can. It has connections with Kyoto and many other groups that support terrorism.

Though described as a terrorist-deployment organization, the function largely like a mercenary organization, taking contracts from clients to carry out anti-Britannian operations. With secrecy vital, the identities of clients are hidden from the operatives.


Orpheus's Group[]

Regarded as Peace Mark's strongest operative, Orpheus operates a small team. Zi acts as Orpheus's wingman, Ganabati handles maintaining their machines. Miss X brings contracts and requests from the organization and other clients to them.

Crow's Team[]

Crow operates solo, with his primary mission being protecting Princess Lila la Britannia from capture by Pluton.

Financial Backers[]

Other Supporters[]

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