Paris akito 3
Skyline of Paris
Location Europia United
Primary User Europia United
Real World
Based on Paris
Appears in The Wyvern Arrives (episode)
Other Information
See Europia United

Paris (パリ, Pari) was the capital of the Europia United before it was conquered by Holy Britannian Empire sometime between 2017 and 2018 a.t.b.

Paris is situated on the river Seine. Its most distinguishing feature is the Eiffel Tower which is also its largest structure. The city is riddled with palaces, built by the French nobility and royalty before the Revolution. Paris, as the capital of the Europia United, housed European Army General HQ and the Council of Forty.

Paris in the 2017 a.t.b was roughly divided into two parts, one more modern and one more traditional around the Eiffel Tower.

Paris also accommodated many Japanese who fled their homeland after Britannia conquered Japan. However, as they were not true Europeans nor citizens they were forced to live in ghettos on Île de la Cité, similar to those in Area 11. Although the living conditions were no better than in Area 11, at least they were safe from Britannian persecution.


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