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The Panzer-Hummel (パンツァーフンメル, Pantsuāfunmeru) is a mass-production model Knightmare Frame used by the member nations of the Europia United, first introduced in the second season.

It was developed with the sole aim of creating the first KMF for the EU military, Which was shocked by the performance of Britannian army's KMF, which showed tremendous performance during the invasion of Japan. Although it has high firepower as a fixed weapon, it is a walking tank or mobile weapon platform that would not normally be classified as a "Knightmare Frame," and it is at a disadvantage in battles against other KMF especially due to its slow mobility.

"Panzer-Hummel" is German and means "armor[ed] bumblebee" or "tank bumblebee", depending on the translation of the word "Panzer", which may mean either.

Design and Specifications[]

The Panzer-Hummel possesses two auto-cannons mounted on its arms in the place of hands, two machine cannons attached to its hips, six missile launchers divided into two cells, and two Slash Harkens mounted on the hips. They are more mobile than Sutherlands, and are most likely incapable of hand-to-hand combat, due to their lack of proper limbs.

While most Knightmare Frames from Britannia are mostly balanced between close-range and long-range combat, the Europia United designed a Knightmare Frame focused solely for long range battle. Even so, they have exceptional defensive capacities, having held the El Alamein line during the war between the E.U. and Britannia.

A known example of its use is the battle between the Britannian army and the E.U. army in the French's province. Initially, they had an advantage in this battle by using the slopes along the coast and tactics that made full use of their superior artillery ability.

Head Section[]

Two disc like units of the same shape are mounted on top of the fuselage that looks like an eyes. This is a patch work measure since the Europian were unable to develop a system like the Factsphere, which has advanced information gathering and analysis capabilities on their own. Since each eyes is independent, it can still maintain operation effectiveness with only one remaining. Although their ad-hoc adoption means there a few blind spots one can take advantages of.

Body Section[]

The structure with a cockpit compartment on the back looks the same as the Britannian military counterpart especially with the hump ,but it is not known if it has an ejection system. It has two three cells pop-up missiles built into each of its sides. It was rare to see a Knightmare Frame to be equipped with an in built missiles.

Leg Section/Slash Harken[]

The legs of this machine are not suitable for walking, and during battle the Panzer-Hummel will use its Landspinner hidden beneath the soles of its legs. Although it is equipped with a machine gun and a slash haken on its thigh, it is still at a disadvantage against regular KMF opponents, so it had to fight in locations where enemy could not take advantage of their lack of manoeuvrability.


It possess two large cannon that is fixedly attached to both arms. This is the main weapon of this machine, and is suitable for attacks from mid to long range and even capable of indirect fire. Although it has great firepower due to its armament including the cannons, its versatility and close combat ability are low because it is not equipped with a five-finger manipulator, which is one of the reasons why it is unable to compete with Britannian Knightmare Frame.

Operational History[]

This unit made its first appearance in the third episode of the second season, where a large division of Panzer-Hummels almost decimated Britannian Forces (consisting mainly of Sutherlands and Gloucesters) to prevent an amphibious landing in continental Europe, until Suzaku and his Lancelot appeared and destroyed them all. When the U.F.N. was formed in United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One (episode), several E.U. nations joined the organization, adding their Panzer-Hummels to The Black Knights' forces against Britannia. One is also seen among Li Xingke's forces during the initial assault on the Kagoshima Settlement.

In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, some are seen among the forces who have kidnapped Zero (Suzaku) and Nunnally at the beginning of the movie.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled[]


Knightmare Frame Design of Panzer-Hummel

The Panzer-Hummel is a mass-production model Knightmare Frame used by the different member nations of the Europia United. It was designed solely for long range combat. The Panzer-Hummel is the mainstay Knightmare Frame of the E.U. military. although it has higher performance than Gardmare, it is nothing more than a mobile weapon platform that still relies on conventional military tactics. It is a weapon whose tactics are limited when used against modern KMF, and it embodies the plight of the EU military, which has no choice but to rely on such a thing. [1]

In the forest surrounding Weisswolf Castle, multiple "gun battery versions" of the Panzer-Hummel were placed, with the upper body of this machine connected to a towed gun mount. It was used to intercept Vercingetorix, but was quickly destroyed.



General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Arm-mounted Auto-Cannons
  • 2x Hip-mounted Machine Cannons
  • 2x Chest-mounted 3-tube Missile Pods (hidden inside)
  • 2x Hip-mounted Slash Harkens (スラッシュハーケン, Surasshuhāken) (Located on the exterior side next to the Machine Cannons)



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