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Orange Peel
Audio Drama 09
"Orange Peel"
Original Release Date August 22nd, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
The Black King (Audio Drama) The Name of the King

Stage 5.831 takes place shortly after the Orange Skirmish.


It begins with Villetta Nu personally thanking Cecile Croomy for the intervention of the Lancelot in the Orange Skirmish because it saved Jeremiah's life. Villetta then starts talking about the type of person Jeremiah is and asks Cecile what her superior, Lloyd Asplund, is like. It turns out they are pretty similar. Both have privileged upbringings, are self-centered, only care how they feel about things, leave tedious tasks for their subordinates, think they’re always right, and change their opinions on a daily basis.

The girls continue to gab while Lloyd walks up to Jeremiah from behind and startles him. A little back story is provided by Jeremiah as he explains that he and Lloyd attended high school together and were even in the same dormitory. Lloyd feigns ignorance as Jeremiah was a monitor at the time that was in charge of keeping things orderly. Lloyd hasn’t change a bit since that time as he caused five separate explosions, put several people in the hospital, and caused several more to fall through the floor all due to experiments he had been performing. Since Jeremiah was the monitor he took all the blame and still holds a grudge for it. Lloyd claims they are even since his Lancelot ended up saving Jeremiah.

Villeta and Cecile then join the two guys and Cecile requests that Jeremiah offer his gratitude to Suzaku Kururugi as well. Jeremiah is hesitant about humbling himself before an eleven but Villeta stokes his pride a little and he reluctantly agrees to do it. Unfortunately before he can go and do it, Guilford walks in and arrests Jeremiah.