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Nightmare of Nunnally
You took away my mother and my freedom, is that still not enough!? Do you have to take even my Onii-sama away from me!?

—Nunnally vi Britannia

Nunnally vi Britannia (ナナリー・ヴィ・ブリタニア, Nanarī vui Buritania), 14 years old is the main character of Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally manga, that telling an alternate version of the original story. She was formerly a Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and the Eleventh Prince Lelouch vi Britannia's younger sister.


Nunnally has inherited both her father's brown curly hair (which lasts almost to the length of her middle back) and violet eyes. She is almost always seen with a small smile on her face, and while under Charles' Geass her eyes were constantly shut, but always appear relaxed and at ease. For clothing, Nunnally is often seen wearing the Ashford Academy middle school uniform.


Nunnally is quiet kindhearted, disliking conflict. Realizing the derogatory nature of the term "Eleven" Nunnally prefers to say "Japanese". Her deeply cares for her brother. However behind this is is deeply bitter about her situation and hates those that put her into such a situation. Upon forming a contract with Nemo, Nemo becomes the embodiment of the suppressed wrath she feels.

While initially hesitant to use the powers granted to her by Nemo, as they come from her negative emotion, with encouragement from Lelouch she becomes more accepting of them. However, her ability to see the future has made her somewhat more foolhardy, as she believes that she can change a bad future that she see, even if it includes putting herself in danger.

Character Outline[]

Nunnally's past (NoN)

Nunnally's past.

Suzaku, Nunnally, and Lelouch before the war (NoN)

Suzaku Nunnally & Lelouch before the war.

Nunnally was a Princess and a daughter of Emperor Charles zi Britannia and imperial consort Marianne vi Britannia. When her mother was assassinated, Nunnally was left parapalegic due to the bullet wounds on her legs, and went blind due to the Geass cast on her by her father making her believe that she was blind, though officially it was a result of the trauma. After the confrontation between Lelouch and their father about the murder, both Lelouch and Nunnally were exiled to Japan as political prisoners. They then went on to live in Kururugi residence where she first met Suzaku Kururugi. Nunnally had also met Josui Kusakabe several times while there.

After Britannia invades Japan, Lelouch hides their identity and changes their surname to Lamperouge. They then seek help from Marianne's old allies, the Ashford family, who kept their identity a secret and allowed the two siblings to live in a building on campus to accommodate her disabilities.

Character History[]

The day before the start of the story, Nunnally makes Lelouch a paper crane as a keepsake and the two pinkie promise to go shopping the next day so she can pick out a birthday present or him.

The following day, after Lelouch wins his chess match, Nunnally calls him to remind him of the shopping trip. When Lelouch is cornered by the Military, Nunnally feels as if someone is calling to her. Nunnally then sees a news report blaming the destruction of the ghetto on Eleven terrorists. Feeling as if Lelouch is calling for her, she goes to the ghetto on her own.

Nunally merging with Nemo (NoN)

Nunnally merging with Nemo.

While looking through the rubble for Lelouch, Nunnally falls off her wheelchair and begins to event her frustrations at her situation as Lelouch’s apparent death. She then finds the crane she gave her brother and is confronted by a disembodied doll-like energy life-form, Magical Device Nemo. The doll, sensing her wrath offers her power to make her wish come true and Nunnally accepts. Nemo then merges with her and takes control of her body.

Nunnally meets Nemo

Nunnally meets Nemo.

After Nemo decimates the Britannian forces and forces Clovis’s retreat, Nunnally wakes up back in the rubble, and, remembering all of Nemo’s actions her first response is to violently deny her participation in the conflict she has just witnessed. Nemo suddenly appears before her, claiming to be "an alternate manifestation of the girl known as Nunnally", the manifestation of the darkness in Nunnally's heart. She states that as per their contract, she will now become Nunnally's knight and protector.

Later, Nunnally is at Ashford when Milly informs her that they don't know Leleouch’s where abouts and promises to keep looking. Later, Nemo assures Nunnally that Lelouch isn't dead. When Nunnally questions how she can see Nemo, Nemo explains their contract. Later one, Nunnally is harassed by some of her classmates led by Ekaterina Sforza. After Ekaterina knocks Nunnally out of her wheelchair, before Nemo can intervene, Alice appears and scares the girls off by sterling their skirts. Alice then helps Nunnally up and goes with her to class. On the roof, Nunnally thanks Alice for always standing up for her. Alice explains that her own sister is in a wheelchair, so Nunnally reminds her of her. Nunnally invites Alice over some some tea, but Alice politely declines.

At Arthur's welcome party, Milly tells everyone that sh ehad aranged for them all to take a trip to Lake Kawaguchi and Nunnully realizes that the trip is to alleviate her worries about Lelouch's disappearance. On the trian ride to lake Kawaguchi, Nunnally asks if Alice is scared to leave the capital and explain that not all Japanese people are scary. Shirley then asks if Nunnally knows Lelouch's new address, but Milly steps in with a lie to throw her off.

During the party, Alice offers Nunnally some food briefly before the hotel is hijacked. After the hotel is hijacked, Nunnally is concerned, by Alice reassures her that things will be okay. They are then approached by a Japanese officer who tells them that the commander wants to speak with her. Despite Milly's and Alice's attempts to stop her, Nunnally goes with the officer to avoid any violence.

Nemo takes control

Nemo takes control.

When Nunnally reaches Kusabae, she explains that she has no intention of helping him, but Kusakabe quickly reveals that he knows her tru identity as a Britannian princess before explaining that they had actually met in the past. Nunnally claims that she no longer has any royal authority, but Kusakabe believes otherwise. He explains that his if she announces herself as royalty, it would stop Cornelia from attacking and in doing so, protect the hostages that would otherwise die when he and his group try to escape. Nunnally however refuses to help them after they have taken innocent lives. This enrages Kusakabe, who tries to justify his action, but Nunnally explains that while she holds no loyalty to Britannia, she won't go along with his plan unless he turns himself in and stops the attack. Kusakabe laughs at this, understanding that even if Nunnally reveals her identity, she wouldn't be able to stop his execution, something Nemo agrees with. Seeing the discussion a ta stalemate, Kusakabe has one of his men bring Alice to the roof and threaten to kill her. Despite Nunnally's pleading, Alice is shot off the roof, leading Nemo to take over Nunnally's body and summon her knightmare.

In her mind, Nunnally laments how her lack of power means she can't save anyone. A visage of Lelouch then appears and explains that she already has power in the form of her geass and Mark Nemo. Nunnally hugs Lelouch and states that since the powers work off her negative emotions, she doesn't want to use them, but Lelouch counters that those emotions are a part of her and she should be able to control them. Nunnally then proceeds to Nemo from killing Kusakabe, explaining that she doesn't want to any anyone else die. Nunnally then direct Nemo to go the heliport to save the hostages. Once Nemo arrives to the heliport, Nunnally reminds her to not kill anyone, leading Nemo to priorities disabling all other knightmares. After Nemo defeats, Alice, Nunnally pleads to spares her, but Nemo tries to go for the killing blow but is interrupted by the building detonating.

After the event, Nunnally has a dream where she is reliving her mother's death. Her mother's form is suddenly replaced with Alice and Nunnally cries in sorrow. She suddenly wakes up with Alice and Sayako over her. Thrilled with Alice being alive, Nunnally hugs her and Alice claims they were saved by the black knights.

Some time later, Suzaku reunites with Nunnally at Ashford. Nunnally explains what happened after they got separated. She then tries to tell Suzaku that Lelouch was abroad, but Suzaku stops her, having already heard about what happened and reveals that he is part of the army and has become a knight to someone who shares his ideals. Upon hearing that he became a knight, Nunnally is happy that he's the same hard, headed person he was 7 years ago. Suzaku leaves soon after that.

Nemo shows Nunnally the events at Shinjuku

Nemo shows Nunnally the events at Shinjuku.

After Cornelia announces her plan to attack the ghetto, Nemo immediately realizes that its a trap to lure out bot them and Zero. Nunnally states that she doesn't want to experience something like that again, but Nemo claims that her 'anger' says differently before activating their geass and showing Nunnally the horror that will occur if they don't intervene. Nemo then explains that since they can see the future, they have the power to stop it.

Zero flies away (NoN)

Lelouch leaves Nunnally.

When Nemo is about to be killed bay Alice, C.C. as Zero, rescues Nunnally and Nemo, but Nunnally is left unconscious. She has a dream of being at the Aries Villa where Lelouch approaches her. He warns her that if Zero hadn't stepped in, she would have died, but Nunnally says that with her geass, she can change the future. Lelouch states that Eden Vital is showing her the future and it might not be telling the truth before warning her that abusing something so unreliable could cost her her life. He then reveals himself as Zero and tells her to not come to the battlefield again. He promises to build the peaceful world she wishes for before growing a pair of wings and flying away.

At the end of Nightmare of Nunnally, Nunnally also regains the ability to walk and becomes the Goodwill Ambassador to Japan. She also makes Alice her knight.


Lelouch vi Britannia[]

Lelouch is the closest person in Nunnally's life. He was her brother, confidant, and caretaker all through their exile. Her only wish was to remain with Lelouch, the one she loved above all others. It was Lelouch’s supposed death that motivated her to make a pact with Nemo and fight against Britannia. When she lamented her own lack power power, it was a visage of Lelouch that convinced her to use the powers Nemo gave to her.


Alice is Nunnally's best friend, from Nightmare of Nunnally. Nunnally first encountered Alice when she defended her and beat up 3 bullies while on her way to class. They next properly met on top of a roof during a festival at Ashford, Nunnally had already recognized Alice as the new transfer student in her class who had also defended her that time. Since then, Nunnally and Alice have been very close and Alice has always come to Nunnally's aid when she's in trouble. Despite their friendship, Alice feels somewhat guilty due to the fact that she's really a Britannian soldier on an observation mission to Ashford, a fact she hides from Nunnally. While hacking into the Ashford computer database one night, Alice discovers Nunnally and Lelouch's real identities and that the Ashfords have been hiding them from the Empire. While it's her duty to report this to her superiors, Alice deletes the files instead and stays silent about it due to the fact that Nunnally is her best and only friend.

After saving Nunnally from Mao who had kidnapped her, Alice decides that Nunnally is no longer safe and makes it her goal to become a Britannian Knight in order to protect her. Alice is shocked to find that pilot of Mark Nemo is none other than Nunnally. After she is captured and imprisoned, Alice confronts her and Nunnally realizes that Alice is a Britannian soldier and asks if she's just been lying to her the entire time while pretending to be her friend and though Alice tries to explain, Nunnally rejects her. When Alice finds out Nunnally is to be executed, she tries to kill Rolo Vi Britannia but is imprisoned herself. She then makes a contract with Nemo and assists Zero, Suzaku and Euphemia in rescuing Nunnally.

After taking Nunnally to the Sword of Akasha and confronting her parents, Alice plays a vital role in stopping their plan to initiate the Ragnarök Connection by confessing to Nunnally that she loves her, thus confirming Nunnally's beliefs about hope and happiness in the world and also enabling her to regain the use of her legs along with her sight. Later on, when Nunnally becomes a goodwill ambassador, she and Alice talk over all that has happened and Nunnally asks Alice to become her official knight and be by her side into the future which Alice happily and tearfully accepts.


After the death of her mother, Nunnally is left unable to walk, and later her father casts his Geass on her causing her to believe that she is blind. Despite her blindness, she is capable of seeing Nemo while no one else can.

She possesses somewhat of a sixth sense in regards to Lelouch, as she was instantly able to tell that he was in danger when Britannian military cornered him.


Nemo's Geass

Nemo using Nunnally's geass.

In exchange for the darkness in Nunnally heart, Nemo granted Nunnally the power for fulfil her wishes. a skill functionally identical to precognition. A red, bird-like sigil lights up in Nemo's left eye when the ability is activated. When combined with their Knightmare Frame, the Mark Nemo, Nunnally and Nemo are unstoppable on the battlefield, since every move is known to them beforehand. In the anime, this type of Geass is used by Bismarck, the Knight of One; however, his is slightly different, in that it only reads a specific person's "line", rather than that of the future in general. However, there is a side effect to using the Geass as shown when Nunnally is forced to be confined in a bed due to extensive use of her powers.