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Nunnally Vanished
Audio Drama 02
"Nunnally Vanished"
Original Release Date May 23rd, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
The Uninvited Prince The Song of the Secret Base

Stage 0.521 takes place seven years before the Black Rebellion and shortly before the Invasion of Japan.


It begins as Suzaku Kururugi gives a monologue about how Lelouch vi Britannia continues to do things on his own and refuses to accept help from anyone, even if it means that he gets beat up. Out of habit Suzaku has walked to the storehouse and stumbles upon Nunnally vi Britannia who assumes that he is Lelouch. Suzaku declares who he is and Nunnally seems to believe that Suzaku will hurt her. She stays brave and says that even though she can't fight back, he can never hurt her heart.

Lelouch suddenly arrives and accuses Suzaku of doing something to Nunnally. He denies it and calls Lelouch a Brittanian thief. Lelouch agrees that Britannians are thieves because they use their military might to take what they want from others. He then compares Japan to Britannia and states that they are pretty similar. Suzaku is about to hit Lelouch again when the same defiant look on Lelouch's face stops him.

It switches to Genbu Kururugi talking with his Taizō Kirihara about various political things. Suzaku is sitting in and he overhears that his father is planning on marrying Nunnally for political reasons. Suzaku volunteers himself to marry her but is shot down by his father as he states that Suzaku's bride is already chosen.

Later, Suzaku runs to the storehouse to tell Lelouch about what he had just heard only to discover that he and Nunnally are missing. He searches all over and eventually finds Nunally's wheelchair on the steps up to the shrine. Lelouch, who has clearly been crying, comes upon the same scene and Suzaku offers his help to search for her. Lelouch initially refuses but Suzaku won't hear it and decides he will help Lelouch with or without his consent.