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Neo Britannian Empire
Type Absolute Monarchy (de jure)
Military Dictatorship (de facto)
Emperor/Empress Callis al Britannia (100th Emperor)

Sakuya Sumeragi me Britannia (101st Empress)

Status Active
Preceded by HBEHoly Britannian Empire
Real World Countries

The Neo Britannian Empire (ネオ・ブリタニア帝国, Neo Buritania Teikoku) is one of the several successor nations formed after the fracturing of the Holy Britannian Empire. Compared to the Principality of Britannia which honour the principles and charter of the United Federation of Nations, the Neo Britannian Empire seek to restore the former defunct superpower.[1]


The origins of the Neo Britannian Empire traces back to the aftermath of the fracturing from the predecessor, the Holy Britannian Empire. The Holy Britannian Empire, at the height of its power, was one of the three dominant superpowers in the world; rivaling that of the United Republic of Europia, and the Chinese Federation. After Lelouch vi Britannia usurp the throne and become the 99th Emperor, he dismantled the work and legacy of the 98th Emperor; Charles zi Britannia, abolishing the aristocratic system of Britannia, and removed the Number system in the Britannian colonies, giving national legitimacy back to the former Area numbers. He even put down dissidents and rebellious former nobleman who were loyal to the previous emperor, including the Britannian Imperial Family.

The newly declared emperor waged war against Schneizel el Britannia and the Black Knights of the United Federation of Nations in a second global conflict. Schneizel destroyed the Britannian Capital, Pendragon, resulting in the disorganization of governmental and military functions. Both sides are locked in a stalement until the decisive Battle of Mt. Fuji, which left Lelouch to be the victor of the battle and a arsenal of F.L.E.I.J.A. warheads aimed at every city in the world. With that, the world had no choice but to bow to the emperor. However, it was all part of Lelouch's plan; the Zero Requiem to ensure that peace will be achieved through his death as being the sole source of hatred. In the end, Lelouch was seemingly killed by Suzaku Kururugi, now bearing the tile of Zero.

After the "death" of Lelouch, the Holy Britannian Empire fractured after the devastating loss of its sakuradite supplies and high-ranking officials killed from the capital's destruction. New countries spawned from the former Britannian territories, one being the Principality of Britannia, lead by the reformed Schneizel. Another was the Duchy of Britannia, formed by an alliance of former nobles, who sought to restore the aristocratic system. However, due in part to the democratic reforms pushed forward during Emperor Lelouch's time, the governance of this state was tumultuous and descended into chaos. In the 3rd year of the Kowa era, Schneizel el Britannia, who could no longer stand to see the situation, responded to the people's calls and petioned to become the head of state of the Duchy, and renamed this the Britannia Republic. Under his leadership, most of the countries formed from the former Empire came together under this new Republic, and the Britannia Republic joined the United Federation of Nations. Thanks in part to its original national power being strong, it had many prosperous regions and ranked among the top agricultural countries.

Another of these newly formed nations was known as Lunebelg Dominion, lead by Norland von Lunebelg, and did not join together with the Britannia Republic. Lunebelg was a small country that refused to negotiate. The same year that the Republic was founded, Norland lead his troops and declared war on it. The Britannia Republic, upon receiving this declaration, requested the deployment of the Black Knights as a member of the UFN. Although there were small skirmishes on the border of it, Lunebelg quickly surrendered and handed over all of its territory. As would soon quickly be discovered, this declaration had all been a ploy by Norland. Gathering together and rallying old Britannian military with anti-UFN sentiments, they launched a surprise attack on, and seized control of, the Hokkaido region of the United States of Japan. With the aid of collaborators, they were able to enter in through the Situmpe Wall barrier that had acted as a defensive measure for the region working in their favor, and turned it against the efforts to reclaim this stolen territory.

Within this new occupation, these forces declared the formation of the new Neo Britannian Empire, and enthroned the former 108th Prince, Callis al Britannia, who had the blood of Emperor Charles, as the 100th Emperor of this new Britannia. [1]


The territory of the Neo Britannian Empire is located only within Hokkaido, being used as a colonial territory; mimicking the Holy Britannian Empire's former rulership over Japan.

The head of state of the new government is Callis al Britannia, although actual day-to-day governing in Hokkaido is done via warlords in a de-facto military junta[1].

Following the sudden death of Callis al Britannia in year 7 of the Kowa Period, the Imperial Palace announced the ascension of Sakuya Sumeragi me Britannia as the 101st empress. Unbeknownst to the majority of the public, Sakura Haruyanagininomiya was acting as a decoy for Sakuya, thus Sakura was the one elevated to empress.[2]


The Neo Britannian Empire relies on Knightmares as their standard armoured fighting vehicles. Nevertheless, despite the modern advancements, it is clear that the Neo Britannian Empire is nowhere close to the former superpower.[1]

Given that the Neo Britannian Empire depended on the Situmpe Wall energy wall to protect themselves from a counter-invasion of the Black Knights, it is likely that the Neo Britannian Empire is a rump-state with very little power over other countries.[1]


  • The Neo Britannian Empire acts more like a rebellion than an empire and are closer to an actual terrorist organization who desired to restore a dictatorship no different than what the old empire described the Black Knights as and have a mask figure similar to Zero.