Neha Shankar
Full Name: Neha Shankar

Age: 15
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black

Nationality: Indian
Occupation: Student
Real World
First Appearance: Code Geass: Oz the Reflection
Neha Shankar is an engineering student, and considered to be a prodigy in Knightmare Frame development. Due to and injury she suffered during her childhood, her legs are prosthetic, and an early model. Though her prosthetic legs are well outdated, she continues to use them despite how they break down a lot. She considers them to be her connection to Rakshata, who gave them to her.

Character Outline Edit

When she was 10, she was caught up in a battle, and seriously injured. As a result, her legs had to be amputated. Fortunately, Rakshata, who was still a in the field of medical cybernetics, was able to give her replacements in the form of prosthetics. Grateful to the woman, Neha looked up to her and aspired to be just like her.

When she had learned that Rakshata had left the medical field to pursue Knightmare Frame development, Neha was devastated that her idol had chosen a path that supported war. However, when she later learned that the reason Rakshata had chosen such a path, for the sake of ending war, Neha forgave her. In turn, Neha also changed her own career path to Knightmare development so that she could also devote herself to that same goal. Her reason being that she wanted to support Rakshata, even if just a little.

She was herself considered a prodigy in the field, and was accepted into the EU General Engineering University in Berlin at the age of just 15. It was expected by many that her talent would result in ground-breaking progress in Knightmare Frame-related fields.

It was for this reason that Euro Britannia also showed interest in her, and planned to take her into their custody. To avoid this, Peace Mark was brought in to transport her from the EU to a private research base that belonged to Rakshata.

After the mission, she remained on friendly terms with Orpheus's group, and occasionally aided them in the maintenance of the Knightmares. During one such occasion, she was captured by Gassan as part of his desire for revenge against Orpheus.
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